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Korea's top labels to create global K-pop concert brand 'M-Live'

By    Wednesday, November 2, 2011   36,343   0   0



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Entertainment company, CJ E&M has teamed up with some of the top Korean music labels in order to help improve the organization of their concerts and further spread the K-pop Hallyu wave throughout the world. A conference titled 'CJ E&M Global Concert brand M-Live K-POP Joint Advancement' took place on November 2nd in Seoul, and in attendance were CJ E&M representative Ahn Suk Jun, Star Empire's Shin Joo Hak, Amoeba Culture's Ko Kyung Min, FNC Music's Han Sung Ho, Jungle Entertainment's Cho Sun Oh, J Tune's Jo Dong Won, Cube Entertainment's Hong Seung Sung, as well as 6 other representatives from Korea's top music agencies. The topic of discussion being the launch of a new global concert brand 'M-Live'. Ahn Suk Jun of CJ E&M remarked, "This is the first global concert brand that we're currently working on with the top names in the industry." "K-POP has well established in Korea as well as Asia, but now we want to effectively enlarge our territories in South America as well as the Middle East. We will continue to work on spreading the Hallyu wave world-wide. Our goals are that in the future, not only K-POP but Korean entertainment overall will be established globally." Agencies housing today's hottest Hallyu stars also expressed their anticipation for K-pop's global advancement though 'M-Live'. Ko Kyung Min representing Amoeba Culture and the home of Dynamic Duo & Supreme Team remarked, "We talk a lot about this with Dynamic Duo but America's hip hop focuses on rhythm and beat, while Korean hip hop focuses more on the melody... America is now changing their hip hop, incorporating more melodies into their music and because this is something we have been doing all this time, Korean hip hop music will have more of a competitive edge. We believe M-Live will do positive things, and we are thrilled to be a part of the team." Han Sung Ho representing FNC Music, the home of FT Island & CN BLUE stated, "Europe is the birthplace & mecca for band music and it is honestly a bit intimidating but we have good expectations for our bands. As long as we express our own unique colors, I think we will see good results." Hong Seung Sung, representative for Cube Entertainment, home to B2ST, 4minute, and G.NA along with Shin Ju Hak, representative for Star Empire, home to ZE:A and Nine Muses shared some of the advantages on performing overseas with M-Live. Representative Hong stated, "We have done a lot of shows like this before, but we never had enough information about the local community, and we ran into a lot of problems. It's advantageous for us to partner with a large enterprise when we try to go overseas, it will be much more organized and effective." Representative Shin remarked, "We definitely run into issues overseas. When artists travel to perform in other countries, we don't have any accurate information and sometimes the local performance organizers are nowhere to be found, mid-performance. I think working with CJ E&M should alleviate these sorts of problems." M-Live's first project is Star Empire's Nine Muses and Seo In Young performing overseas in the Middle East. The two teams will be performing in United Arab Emirates on the 9th and 10th. Cube Entertainment's 4minute, B2ST and G.NA will be performing at the '2011 United Cube Concert in Brazil' to take place in Sao Paulo. And next month, Jungle Entertainment's Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae as well as other Jungle artists will be putting on a 'Jungle Entertainment Label Show' in Los Angeles, California. In the new year, Amoeba Culture's Dyanmic Duo will perform as a special guest at a performance by a popular hip hop star in Seattle. FNC's FT Island and CN BLUE plan on traveling to England or France next year as well, and J Tune Media's MBLAQ are planning their Japan & Asia Tour. Source & Image(s) : StarNews, Nate

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