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Kim Kibum denies he got double eyelid surgery

October 15, 2011 @ 5:11 am
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Super Junior's Kim Kibum recently denied that he underwent cosmetic surgery for his eyes. On October 13th, Kim Kibum made his first appearance on "Deep-Rooted Tree" as a handsome scholar named Park Pang Nyun. Several close-up shots of the actor brought around suspicions that he got his eyes done. Netizens observed, "His eyes look weird", "Did he get his eyes done?" "His eyes look so puffy", and "His eyes look totally different from before." After hearing these numerous complaints, Kim Kibum finally responded on his Twitter with, "Ah... Double eyelid surgery....I put a lot of make-up on my face to cover the scars from atopy... I really didn't do it kekeke." Source + Photos: Naver (1),(2)

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