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'K-STAR news' meets with MBLAQ Lee Joon's mom and teacher

September 28, 2011 @ 1:07 am
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SBS E!TV Global Entertainment 'K-STAR news' met with MBLAQ member Lee Joon's mom and previous teacher in order to find out more about the multi-talented singer. The production crew was curious to found out about this "Little Rain", a nickname he acquired after playing Rain's younger self in the movie "Ninja Assassin". Before Lee Joon's debut in MBLAQ, he was known for his good looks and modeled for wigs, home shopping, and even hangover drink ads. In addition, he was a modern dance major in 'Korea National University of Arts', and received a lot of attention as a born natural in school. Today he combines his dance moves and acting abilities in order to show powerful performances on stage. Interestingly, he is the complete opposite on variety shows, and brings laughter to the audience by being himself. He is known to be a down to earth, silly idol with a heart of gold. You can watch the clip on Lee Joon with MC Son Ho Young and Yoo Yeon Ji's 'K-STAR news' on Friday at 10PM KST. Source + Image: SBS



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