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CHI CHI debuts on Inkigayo with "Don't Play Around"

March 20, 2011 @ 7:28 am
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Yedang Entertainment's new 7-membered girl group, CHI CHI, has finally made their debut through today's SBS's Inkigayo with their debut single, "Don't Play Around." Comprised of members Nara, Jiyu, Peach, Aji, Semi, Boreum, and Sori, the group's name stands for 'Creative Electronic House Idol,' which is an expression of their desire to become creative idols that pursue electronic house dance music. Each of the members have undergone arduous training in singing and dancing, and are said to have 'infinite spectrum' in their abilities. Their title track, "Don't Play Around," is an electronic house track with strong beats and an analog feel that's mixed and matched to create CHI CHI's own unique style. With lofty ambitions of surpassing SNSD to become the nation's girl group, and ultimately Asia's best girl group, the CHI CHI girls are certainly aiming high to reach their goals with their unique music. Check out their debut stage below!

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