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Yoon Si Yoon in Thailand

February 18, 2011 @ 10:03 pm
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Actor Yoon Si Yoon recently visited Thailand between February 10th through the 13th for a video photo shoot. The video photo album, which will be released in Japan, will feature Yoon Si Yoon's casual daily looks with the beautiful sites and scenery in Thailand. Yoon Si Yoon's agency Taxi Entertainment said KBS2 'Baker King, Kim Tak Goo' is also very popular amongst Japanese fans.  "So we decided to produce this photo album," said Taxi Entertainment. The spokesperson added, "This wasn't supposed to be an official visit to Thailand but we had to stop the photoshoot one time because many fans recognized Yoon Si Yoon. We could really witness Yoon Si Yoon's popularity even in Thailand." The photo album was produced for fans who want to see the actor's new looks, and thus has many of Yoon Si Yoon's different sides. Yoon Si Yoon attended the photo shoot with bright smile and active personality despite Thailand's hot weather. "We are planning on more of abroad promotions in the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan after debuting in Japan," said Taxi Entertainment. Yoon Si Yoon is currently busy filming '100%.' Check out some of Yoon Si Yoon's photos in Bangkok, Thailand! [gallery columns=4] Source: Sports Chosun

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