Hyun Bin's ex-girlfriend, Hwang Ji Hyun, to debut in a new girl group

February 10, 2011 @ 4:30 am
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Hyun Bin's former girlfriend, actress Hwang Ji Hyun (28), will be debuting in a new girl group under Core Contents Media. Hwang Ji Hyun will be joining a four member dance group with an emphasis on strong vocals; their debut is scheduled for May. The group also consists of model Choi Su Eun as well as two trainees who were previously in the line-up to debut under T-ara. As opposed to going for an 'idol image,' the group will be utilizing their older age to target the adult audience. A representative spoke with Star News on February 10th and revealed, "She's been preparing to debut as a singer for a year now. Her singing skills are outstanding.  The new girl group will be much like the Korean version of the 'Spice Girls' with a different and unique concept to set them apart." In 2007, Hwang Ji Hyun was reported to be Hyun Bin's girlfriend and shot to fame under the title. Since then, she's been working as an actress as well as preparing for her singing debut. Source: Star News via Nate

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