Girl's Day Yura served an injunction, caught in a dual contract lawsuit

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Girl's Day's newest member, Yura, has been prohibited from participating in broadcast activities due to an injunction filed against her for signing dual contracts. On November 8th, her former agency, Action Music Entertainment, stated through their legal representative, "We have filed an injunction against Yura prohibiting her from appearing on broadcast activities. We are preparing to sue her agency, DreamTea Entertainment, for the losses met from her pause in activities, for defamation against our agency, and for psychological damages." Representatives of Action Music Entertainment revealed, "Kim Ah Young (Yura) signed a contract with Action Music Entertainment on July 1st in order to become a part of a four member girl group. She worked hard for both the agency and her fellow members in preparation of her debut. However, beginning August 1st, she stopped showing up for work; this was six days before the group's music video filming, and it forced all schedules to be canceled. The debut of her members has also been delayed, causing an extreme image and trust loss with staff members of our company." They continued, "The members that trusted and prepared with her have experienced extreme psychological damages; it has only become more severe after finding out that she has signed another contract, and is appearing on broadcast shows. We're extremely angry with her attitude in believing that she can do whatever immoral act she wants in order to become a celebrity. How she thinks she can bring harm onto others is difficult to understand." The agency concluded, "We will be taking legal action against Kim Ah Young with proof and witnesses. We will be revealing them if necessary." Source + Photos: TV Daily, Star News via Nate


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