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Lee Hong Ki keeps his promise

September 3, 2010 @ 7:30 pm
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On today's airing of KBS's Music Bank, F.T. Island performed their song, Love, Love, Love. Notice anything different? Their performance was the same, yet something was a little off. Can't figure it out? Lead singer Lee Hong Ki changed his hairstyle and color! After making an appearance on a radio show, there was discussion about his hair, and it was stated that he received over 10,000 encouraging comments from netizens to change his hair. During the discussion, he made a promise to his fans that he would change his hairstyle for them, and it looks like he kept his word! From that long, wavy, wine colored hair to a straight and simple black cut, he has received lots of love with netizens saying he looks so much better.  He has also received comments that he has a resemblance to MBLAQ's Mir. Which would you prefer? Wine colored or normal black?

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