T-ara's Hyomin has a terrible body?

May 26, 2010 @ 4:15 am
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Say what? T-ara's Hyomin has a terrible body? Most of you should be confused, as we previously uploaded pictures of Hyomin showing her beautiful S-line. However, despite how her body looks to the public, it seems like it is actually in a horrible condition. With a height of 167cm and a weight of 46kg, one might think that it is perfect for an ideal body. Hyomin is skinny, but it is said that she has no elasticity, is underweight, and has weak muscles. She will undergo diet and exercise to be healthier, and, as a plus, her process will be shown to the public on a variety show called My Partner. Actor Jo Dong Hyuk will act as her trainer and his goal is to completely change Hyomin's body. He will tell her what to eat, and give her help on exercise, just like any other trainer. Along with Hyomin and Jo Dong Hyuk, there will be other pairs on the show. Nam Hee Suk will be paired up with Hyun Young, and Noh Yoo Min will be paired up with Lee Hwi Jae. This is definitely a variety show to watch out for if you want to build a great body. The first episode will air on the 28th.

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