Lee Minho and Son Ye Jin's shower scene in Personal Taste

April 8, 2010 @ 5:57 pm
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Currently, three dramas are battling it out for ratings. With KBS' Cinderella Sister reigning at the top thus far, it appears as if MBC's Personal Taste has some catching up to do. Maybe this will do the trick as the latest episode contains a shower scene. Even if it doesn't help in the ratings department, you know you're dying to get the details behind actor Lee Minho's behind. In the third episode, Park Gae In (played by Son Ye Jin) got a glimpse of Jeon Jin Ho's (played by Lee Minho) naked body as she burst through the bathroom door. However, as she assumed that he was gay, she didn't cause too much of a scene. Likewise, Gae In also had a shower scene later on in the episode. Jin Ho also saw Gae In (though covered in a towel) and again Gae In didn't go ballistic as she reinforced that he was gay. Only if Gae In really knew! Check out the clip! Starts around 2:45 (embedding disabled)

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