Goo Hara bursts into tears on program about scandals

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SBS will be airing a Lunar New Year special program, Yong Goo Ra Hwan's Big Match, on February 14th. The MCs will be Kim Yong Man, Kim Goo Ra and Shin Jung Hwang. The program will feature not only the subjects of controversy, but also the very reporters and journalists who have tried to dig into the core of the issues. During the filming of the episode, Goo Hara of Kara broke into tears when a journalist spoke up about the hardships Goo Hara had to go through. This journalist has been very close to Kara since their debut, and so (s)he was very aware of the group's situation. (S)he said that Goo Hara suffered from many anti-fans and false reports and even went into a serious slump. Goo Hara, who had been patiently listening burst into tears after saying, "It seems like (s)he knows exactly how I felt." Another reporter said, "When Kara was not doing so well, we all decided to form a project called 'Save Kara (카라를 구하라)'." On that day, many reporters chose Goo Hara as their ideal girl, and she repaid the favor by dancing to Mister even though she had a short skirt on. Meanwhile, many celebrities revealed 'Articles that made me feel sick', and shared their stories of how even a single article made them suffer. On the other hand, reporters revealed the 'Hypocrisy of Celebrities'. While the interaction between Goo Hara and the reporters were rather warm and emotional, there seems to be some altercations between celebrities and reporters in this episode as well. Stay tuned for this program; it's sure to be interesting!


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