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Rapper Z.Flat raps about his desire to be acknowledged for being himself instead of late actress Choi Jin Sil's son, on 'Show Me The Money 10'


Rapper Z.Flat rapped about his life on Mnet's hip hop survival program 'Show Me The Money 10'.

On the October 1 premiere of Mnet's 'Show Me The Money 10', Z.Flat was seen with a group of rappers waiting to audition for their first round. During the interview section of the show, he introduced himself as rapper Z.Flat, and stated, "My mother was an actress so ever since I was young, I was exposed to such environment naturally. So, in the past I was determined to become an actor." He then revealed the decisive moment that led him to choose the music field instead. He revealed, "When I was around 18 or 19 years old, I performed on stage for a hip hop concert with my friends, and the feelings of thrill hit me hard. Those feelings grew and I began [music] with an 'all in' mindset."

Z.Flat continued, "Aside from my background, I like the music that I make. Instead of as 'Choi Jin Sil's son', I want to be remembered as Choi Hwan Hee (real name)." Upon hearing Z.Flat's rap, Dynamic Duo's Gaeko later commented in an interview, "Each line [of his lyrics] hit my heart so hard, so I started sweating. It was difficult to endure that moment, and the situation made it hard for me to make a sound judgment." Gaeko added, "[Z.Flat's] rap had areas that needed work, but his sincerity won by a landslide. It must have been a difficult decision, so it made me see the courage that he found [to audition]."

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Meanwhile, it is a well known fact that Z.Flat's mother is the late actress Choi Jin Sil, who was once regarded as "The Nation's Actress" in the 1990s through the early 2000s. She suddenly died by suicide back in 2008, shocking the entire nation at the time. Her ex-husband and former baseball player Cho Sung Min also died by suicide in early 2013. Then, Choi Jin Sil's younger brother, Z.Flat's uncle, died by suicide soon after in that same year. Z.Flat's family background was previously brought back into light after his debut with the release of his self-composed track, “Designer” in November 2020.

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23 days ago

That his family members went one after another by suicide is really heartbreaking to hear... I wish him well.


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23 days ago

Back then I had thoughts about her children growing up and stuff. Look now he’s standing right there rapping. Time flies. Such tragic. Wish him and his sister well.



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