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Junsu draws a 'happiness' graph of his life + reveals why he relied on money to confirm his existence


Former TVXQ and JYJ member Junsu opened up about his struggles as a celebrity on Channel A's 'Oh Eun Young's Golden Counseling Center'.

On the October 1 broadcast of 'Oh Eun Young's Golen Counseling Center', Junsu opened up about his concerns. Here, Junsu stated, "As 'human Kim Junsu', my life is comfortable, but as 'celebrity Kim Junsu' I feel as if all my desires and passions have become lost". Junsu also revealed a 'happiness' life graph that he had drawn. Junsu said, "When I debuted with TVXQ, it was a moment like a dream. My life graph falls when I leave the team during my mid-twenties. At that time, I couldn't even imagine that I would be able to promote like this. It was our choice when leaving, but I was not sure if I would be able to promote as a singer anymore, so I even considered working as a vocal trainer."

Counselor Oh Eun Young asked Junsu, "So after you left the team, it wasn't easy to come out on broadcasts?" To this, Junsu replied, "Yeah. But there's something ironic about this. I couldn't participate in broadcast activities at all, but regarding money, I made about one hundred times more. People questioned me when I mentioned 'slave contract' because I had a house and already made a lot of money. But I actually achieved everything in that one year after leaving the team".

Counselor Oh Eun Young then explained, "[After you left the team] the existence of 'human Junsu' became unstable. In order to prove that you were still doing fine, that may have been the reason why you used so much money at that time. During that period, 'money' was an existence in itself. That must have been really important to you." She continued, "As a singer and as an idol, you were no longer able to use the word 'TVXQ' and when you said 'JYJ', talk of scandals kept coming up. So it must have been difficult for you to maintain 'Kim Junsu's real self'.

Junsu teared up as he said, "While listening, I feel like that is so true. I kept wanting to receive confirmation on the reasons for my existence."

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18 days ago

If you know nothing about Junsu and did not watch this program, this article's title and some quotes could be misleading without context and even used for hate.

You can watch this "happiness graph" on video. It has several lows. Low point after leaving the old group is only one of them. Other lows were when he was a child, then before debut and in the military.

And, after every low, the line goes up, after low of leaving group, for example, at about -50, it goes up to +80 in the next years. And after the military low, when he worried if he could return to music after his service, this line is going up again.

In other words, his life and career did not end when he left old group, it's just one episode of his life.

And about money he said that he not care about money this days. Looks like he feels comfortable and don't feel the need to prove something.

I wish this epidemic will end soon so I can to watch Junsu's concerts and musicals live again. Or, at least, his Xcalibur musical, that is running now, will be available to watch online.



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18 days ago

Just ta few days back, i saw his pic with jaejoong on instagram. I havent been checking out kpop news much lately so i had no idea what was junsu up to. i always assumed that he doing great. But i feel sad that he feels this way.. i came to know about the group after they left sm, so i had only old videos to watch.. still i became a fan, of all the members of dbsk, not just jyj. this was because they were all so talented. Its sad to see that this is how junsu has been feeling when he is one of the most talented ones out of the 5 original members. I hope he realizes that he indeed has many reasons to exist, whether anyone acknowledges or not. I hope he can become happy again. Hwaiting Junsu!


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