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Rapper Jessi says no one is born with confidence, it is something you have to teach to yourself


Rapper Jessi is known for her honest ways of speaking, especially on Korean variety shows. She displays a confidence that really brings out her charms, and she utilizes this unwavering confidence to her advantage when expressing herself through fashion, makeup, personality, and in her music. 

In the upcoming episode of the KBS variety show, 'Joy of Conversation', Jessi made a special guest appearance. For many, Jessi is a symbol of confidence and women empowerment; on this episode, Jessi showed her consistent personality traits. 

Jessi brought up how there are always people who spread rumors on what kind of person she is, and she spoke out against the stereotypes and biases involuntarily placed on her. Both as a person and as a celebrity, she further discussed the image that many have of her. During the filming, it is reported that Jessi was also fearless in her responses when discussing her cosmetic procedures, highly criticized outfits, and spoke her mind without hesitation. 

Apart from discussing her image, Jessi also brought attention to the source of her confidence. She stated, "Nobody is born with confidence. Rather, you have to teach yourself how to obtain confidence." She even shared her daily morning habits that she works on, in order to maintain her healthy confidence levels.

Jessi successfully captivates the hearts of many, regardless of age, with her unique charms. Watch the preview video above for this week's 'Joy of Conversation', airing on May 20!

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T_Jazz9,904 pts Thursday, May 20, 2021 0
Thursday, May 20, 2021

I like Jessi. She's explosive. But she left out some things regarding confidence.

As children, we're interested in everything, want to see how things work, and think we can do anything. It wasn't until we felt that first physiological or psychological pain that we learned fear. Impatience and the clock brought on failure. Loss, rejection and humiliation, all of those ERODED CONFIDENCE.

That adage, "you don't know until you try," came from somewhere. We thought we could but when it didn't happen in the time allotted, we lost that belief for that and future prospects - things we haven't yet encountered.

THEN we have to dig deep and pull every bit of courage, determination, learn discipline, rebuild, cast off doubt, accept some things, discard others, block even more and strive.



DMV2DMZ1,721 pts Thursday, May 20, 2021 0
Thursday, May 20, 2021

As the saying goes, "Nuture is more powerful than nature." Unhealthy forms of socialization can make people become more insecure and less confident too.

When you can accept yourself and the things that make up you, it can make you confident in a way that people can't affect that much.



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