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SHINee members recall how they asked producers to change the lyrics to 'View' to lyrics written by Jonghyun


On the April 15 episode of SBS's 'MMTG - Civilization Express', the members of SHINee met up with MC Jaejae as the first guest group of the ongoing 'K-Pop Songs That Deserve Another Comeback' project!

During this episode, the SHINee members each reacted to the fact that "View" was voted by numerous viewers as one of the top 'K-Pop Songs That Deserve Another Comeback' nominees. When talking about the lyrics of "View", Onew pointed out, "Jonghyun wrote the lyrics to this song." 

Hearing this, Key explained, "Originally, there were different lyrics that were already selected for 'View'." Minho added on, "The original lyrics were more about love." Key continued, "So after seeing the lyrics that Jonghyun hyung wrote, we all said, 'This is it!'. And we called the chief producer and said, 'Isn't this better?'. So the lyrics were switched out pretty much at the last minute." 

In addition, Key also expressed his pride as he was the one to insist that SHINee should wear more "experimental" fashion for "View", instead of suits, which was the style suggested by SM Entertainment's style team. He explained, "Some of the t-shirts we wore during that era were just random, cheap ones found at local flea markets. Back then, though, there was some backlash over the outfits. All the other groups were wearing really fancy, specially designed clothes. So we looked sort of naked in comparison." 

Watch the full episode of this week's 'MMTG - Civilzation Express', the 'K-Pop Songs That Deserve Another Comeback' special!

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26 days ago

Jonghyun songs are top tier! So glad they went with his. The ‘Odd’ album is so superior 🤍



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26 days ago

"View" is perhaps my favorite Shinee song. I'm glad they were able to incorporate Jonghyun's lyrics in the song.



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