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K-netizens flood 'SuperM The Stage' performance video of 'Tiger Inside' with complaints toward video director Super Junior's Shindong


Korean netizens have exploded with complaints in the comments section of SuperM's recent 'SuperM The Stage' performance video to their 2nd lead single, "Tiger Inside". 

Typically, the comments section for most K-Pop videos on YouTube are dominated by the large presence of international fans. However, the comments section of the "Tiger Inside" performance clip from 'SuperM The Stage' is unusually flooded with Korean comments, all comments of anger and complaint. It seems that many SuperM fans are dissatisfied with the alleged poor quality of the group's 'SuperM The Stage' clip, which fans say is produced by video director Super Junior's Shindong

Some recent comments of complaint included,

"I usually like it when SM uploads their own content, but if they're going to give us content then why not hire a professional while they're at it... Content is everything in the entertainment market these days. Honestly filming the video in this terrible quality with the members of SuperM and with a good song like 'Tiger Inside' is hard in itself. I can't enjoy the choreography at all, this is a waste of 'Tiger Inside."

"How mad do you think the Korean fans are if the YouTube comments section is plastered with Korean comments? Seriously SM, wake up." 

"Shindong, if you're that interested in videography than go to school for it, get a degree in it and get official training. Learn everything starting with the very basics from the bottom and climb up the ladder gradually." 

"All of that expensive equipment just going to waste... If it's outside of your skillset, just give it up. There's a difference between doing something because you like it and actually producing a good product.. How can such an older sunbae use his hoobaes like this, as some tools to practice with, and the end result is so poor..."

"All we need is the SuperM members, they shine just as they are, but that extremely flashy screen,,, the camera constantly spinning like some amusement park ride,,,, sigh,,,,, All of these famous idols practiced for so many hours without sleep for this, and seeing something like this just crushes fans' hearts,,,"

"So did [Shindong] do anything right as the video director? No showing the choreography properly, no showing the members' faces properly, no filming things fast and efficiently so the artists could work comfortably, no nothing." 

"If this is to replace all of the music shows you guys decided to skip out on, then you need to give us something better... This is worse than any of the bad music show camera work. I've been wanting to say something since 'Candy' but I didn't want to make it look like there were bad comments under my idol's video so I didn't say a word. Just give us a traditional dance practice, that would help promote this song a lot better."

"1. There are too many shots with the members' heads cut off. 2. There are too many tilted shots and on top of that they keep shaking the camera during the tilt shots so it's so confusing. 3. The zooming-in and zooming-out should be done while the camera is fixed in place but the camera is constantly moving up and down and left and right without any purpose, it feels like the focus is being thrown off at random times. 4. It's not even an MV but it's so obviously amateur how they edited together close-up shots that were filmed totally separately."

What do you think of the K-netizens' complaints?

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hiroonakamura2,831 pts Friday, September 4, 2020 2
Friday, September 4, 2020

at first i thought that k-netz were complaining for no reason - as usual. but i watched the video and it's true, it is filmed in a weird way. There camera moves around way too much and it kinda makes you dizzy. On top of that, it keeps zooming in and out constantly as well as suddenly tilting etc.

I can understand the criticism here, although some of the comments were just way too rude.


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jung-ryuk790 pts Friday, September 4, 2020 13
Friday, September 4, 2020

To begin with, SuperM is a huge group with bigger expectations. SM shouldn’t have given this to Shindong and hired an experienced professional......


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