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Actor Kim Dong Wook reveals he lost 14 kg for his role in MBC's 'Find Me In Your Memory'


Actor Kim Dong Wook of MBC's upcoming Wed-Thurs drama series 'Find Me In Your Memory' has lost 14 kg (~ 31 lb) for his role as the nation's top news anchor, Lee Jung Hoon!

'Find Me In Your Memory', set to air after currently airing series 'The Game', is a romance story revolving around a news anchor who suffers from a memory disease where he is incapable of forgetting anything. One day, he meets a star actress Yeo Ha Jin (played by Moon Ga Young), and begins to heal the scars sustained from his illness. 

Having received the 'Daesang' award at the '2019 MBC Drama Awards' for his role in 'Special Labor Inspector' last year, Kim Dong Wook revealed that he wanted to do his best not to disappoint viewers in his next MBC production. 

As a result, Kim Dong Wook not only lost 14 kg for his new role, but also took lessons from real news anchors to perfect his pronunciation, tone, and actions. He said, "After discussing the character with the director and the scriptwriter, we decided that the character would be more convincing with a physical change, and so I decided on the weight loss." He also revealed, "I practiced by following lines from real news broadcasts, and then met up with real news anchors, replaying for them recordings of my practices."

Curious to know more about MBC's upcoming drama 'Find Me In Your Memory'? Catch its latest teaser above while you wait for the series premiere, this March 18 at 8:55 PM KST.

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