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IZ*ONE members make Kwon Eun Bi cry with a prank during the vote for the official leader

The members of IZ*ONE pulled a prank during the vote for the official leader.

On the November 1 airing of Mnet's 'IZ*ONE Chu,' the members of IZ*ONE voted for the official leader. Everyone knew thatKwon Eun Bi, who was the temporary leader of the group, is the right person for the position. However, they wanted to spice things up and pull a prank.

After returning from a staged interview with the producers, Kwon Eun Bi playfully said to her members, "I'm going to cry if all of you vote for me."
IZ*ONE then started the discussion on the leader position.Cho Yurispoke up first and recommended Kwon Eun Bi for the leader. Other members seemed to agree. However, Miyawaki Sakura suddenly recommended Lee Chae Yeonfor the position, saying, "Eun Bi is good,but there are Japanese members whose Korean is not too good. I think Chae Yeon will be nice since she can speak Japanese."

Ahn Yoo Jinagreed, and added, "I thought it's definitely for Eun Bi unnie,but I think (Sakura) is right since Chae Yeon unnie can translate..."

Meanwhile, the other girls tried hard to hold in their laughter as the prank went on.

The voting then took place. Everyone ended up voting for Kwon Eun Bi, except Kwon Eun Bi herself. Kwon Eun Bi broke down in tears after receiving the official leader appointment letter from her members.

Watch IZ*ONE's leader voting process in the clip above.

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Melii96311 pts Thursday, November 1, 2018 0
Thursday, November 1, 2018

i don't want to be rude because i'm sure eun bi is a fine leader. However,i do think chaeyeon might have been a better fit for the role the both showed their leader ship but chaeyeon is more able to communicate with the foreign members and as they show in the mnet reality show she take real good care of them. But i still hope eunbi is a good leader and izone has a successful debut.



whatever101100 pts Thursday, November 1, 2018 0
Thursday, November 1, 2018

knowing Eunbi she probably would heve murdered all the girls in their sleep if she had to put with not having a prominent spot in the group yet again



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