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A former idol trainee talks about how BTS' Suga took care of him when he was sick

A former idol trainee narrated a story of a day when BTS' Suga took care of him.

Through his own YouTube channel, a former idol trainee under the username 'Light Hoon TV ("Bit-hoon")' told a heartwarming story as someone who used to live and practice with members of BTS. It was about an incident that happened on the day J-hope's mother gifted a box of half-dried herring, a kind of special food that J-hope wanted to share with all the trainees. 

The food was so good that all the boys devoured it, but the issue was that they had eaten everything so quickly that the narrator felt sick afterwards. Even after taking a nap, the narrator could not withstand the sharp pain he felt in his stomach. When he couldn't take it anymore, the narrator eventually locked himself in the restroom, in case he threw up everything. As he was struggled, the narrator heard someone knocking on the door, with a voice he immediately recognized as Suga's.

"Suga hyung (with his satoori accent) asked me if I was feeling okay. He wanted to make sure that I was fine, so in the end he took me to the hospital," said the trainee. "I was completely nauseous; everything was spinning like a k-drama. I almost collapsed on the road, but held onto the edge of a car tire until the taxi came. Suga hyung led me into it."

The narrator continued. "After that, I guess I completely lost consciousness. I couldn't remember anything. When I opened my eyes, I was already lying down on a gurney at the hospital. I looked sideways, and sitting next to me was Suga hyung, sleeping by himself on the chair. (With an image of religious figures, the subtitle says: 'This was how Suga looked like to my eyes in that moment')"

The ex-trainee also explained that Suga even helped him pay for the hospital bills, since the ER costs were great in the wee hours of the morning. He explained, "Suga hyung had also registered my name at the front desk initially," and said that he kept murmuring "'whatever extra costs you need help with, I will pay for it,'" even though every trainee was "really poor" back then.

As he retold the story, the narrator stressed how he still feels grateful to Suga. "I honestly want to cry, even now." While he was a trainee, the narrator added that he himself also eventually helped out when Jimin was sick, thinking of the time he received the care from Suga.

What a story!

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adnirvs5,949 pts Sunday, November 18, 2018 2
Sunday, November 18, 2018

So funny how within 15 minutes, 2 people downvoted the article just because it is BTS related! Haters gonna hate!


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Sunday, November 18, 2018

wat in the world why would anyone downvote this lmao


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