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CSAT postponed a week due to Pohang earthquake, throws test takers in panic mode

By jennywill   Wednesday, November 15, 2017   7,120   50   17



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This year's CSATs have been postponed because of the Pohang earthquake that hit South Korea on November 15.

The college entrance examination was originally scheduled for November 17, but because of the conditions that students in Pohang face after the earthquake, the president declared that the national test be delayed a week. 

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However, while students mostly agreed with the decision that it's necessary, the same students are now in a fit of panic. The test is a big test for all students in Korea that they study basically their entire life for, and most students follow a strict schedule leading right up to the day of the test. However, the test being postponed throws that off completely.

Students are also under incredible stress leading up to the days of the test, and in Korea it's not rare for teachers to verbally (and sometimes physically) abuse students in the name of getting better test grades. The test being postponed a week means their 'freedom' is also postponed a week.

On top of that, some female students have been taking birth control pills to regulate their period so they would not get it on the day of the test.

Here are some reactions:

(Translation: "All the seniors near me all are thinking, including me, 'Yeah... it's true that the test should be postponed... that's right, it should be that way and that's good... It's good and our country has become better... That's the right thing, but... It's the right thing, but still..")

(Translation: F*ck I'm pissed off that the test is postponed and my mind is totally dead but if I think of the Pohang earthquake it's the right decision and I was thinking tomorrow this time I'd be sleeping completely at ease but it's gone from D-1 to 8 and I'm f*cking pissed that the time I have to study has been multiplied by 7 and my mind is just broken but I can't blame anyone)

(Translation: Stop trying to pick fights with us. We all know that life is precious and it's a relief that all the Pohang students don't have to take the test in fear tomorrow since the test is postponed. We all think it's a relief in our head, but we can't help but cry. We've been abused every day mentally and physically while preparing for the test and it was supposed to end tomorrow but it's been delayed. I want to die.)

What do you think of the situation?

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