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China gathers young rappers to send a message to South Korea about their opposition on THAAD

By yckim124   Thursday, May 18, 2017   80,729   148   266



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China is expressing their strong opposition on THAAD, this time, with a group of young rappers.

Rappers sanctioned by the Chinese government recently released a music video regarding the issue on the deployment of THAAD or Terminal High Altitude Area Defense. 

CD REV, one of the rappers of the group, revealed that they received help from government officials to complete and promote the video on foreign websites. 

In the MV, the Chinese rappers speak up on behalf of their nation, and tell South Korea that ''Your big brother is annoyed'', ''You're going too far''. The group also chants, ''We say no, no, no'', to emphasize China's displeasure on South Korea's actions. 

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The MV is not the only way China has non-diplomatically expressed their opposition on THAAD. China has also been ''banning'' Korean entertainment and boycotting Lotte, which provided the land for THAAD deployment. 

The tension between the two nations is expected to continuously have an effect, not only on politics but also on entertainment and business. 

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ourcheers2u Saturday, May 20, 2017

Honestly the best was pretty good but the rap The rap was yeah.

Winston Friday, May 19, 2017

i used to have a China colleague, and he told me that back when he was young, in the early 50s and 60s, he said China was Alarmed by not just the fact USA has a nuclear Bomb, dropped in Hiroshima, but also when USA sent a man to space and has the ability to send its nuclear weapon to China, without needing a Bomber plane carrying the bomb over, as a bomber plane can be shot down before it reaches China, but its harder if not impossible to shoot down a ICBM in the 60s, 70s,  its like I can hit you any way in China, but your small navy cant even sail across the Pacific Ocean to USA. He said the Chinese government then, decided that to survive and be taken seriously and not be "BULLIED" by the western nations, they needed NUCLEAR weapons too, so they can protect themselves against WESTERN aggression as they call it. Even if We STARVE the PEOPLE, we will need to have a NUCLEAR Weapon, he said. China moved a lot of $$ into the development of the nuclear weapons, sent its top scientists overseas to learn about missile tech and such, at the expense of their people starving and even when people are dying from hunger. it was a National Priority to them to have nuclear weapon and dun mind losing a few millions of peasants to hunger. which sound barbaric to civilized nation like USA. but when China did its first nuclear test, it was an announcement to the world, WE HAVE IT TOO. they became the few early nations to Join the Western nations on the table of nuclear powers, and be feared. The same thing is happening in North Korea. They dun want to be another IRAQ or Afghanistan  or North Vietnam and be "Liberalized" as they call it by Americans. With or Without China's help, they will still purse their goal. of cos it would probably be faster with China's help. China has been making new milestone in Military, from having its own 5th gen fighters, locally built aircraft carrier, anti satellite missile, locally made attack helicopters etc, N.Korea is trying to do now what China has done in the 60s, 70s.

Jaraiya_Ero Friday, May 19, 2017

China should just do something to reign in their lap dog the North, but then again they'll cry and whine and steal ideas. Then blame everyone else and play the victim card.... Guess one thing that China forgets real easily is HISTORY..... Funny that!!

hyukki Friday, May 19, 2017

China must be dealt with in the most stern way possible. I am not sure about this new president of Korea. At some point you must stand up for your country and principles.

southclubstan Friday, May 19, 2017

They forgot that Korea has Zico,Mino, Bobby and other young amazing rappers

xSeulgibear Friday, May 19, 2017

china is so petty lol

castleofcake Friday, May 19, 2017

Seriously, if i was a korean i would be suoer offended. The lyrics of this song treat Korea not as a sovereign country, but like they did in the past, a tribute country under China. What right do they have to critisise SK for upping their defense system when they didnt do shit to controle NK for years? China really bad diplomacy skills, they are much too extrem. I feel very bad for SK, they always faced this problem with imperial China.

muchu Friday, May 19, 2017

Oh boy, this is bad... when rappers are sanctioned by the government you know that something is wrong lol but to be honest i'm not surprised, China is a dictatorship despite what some naive people may think. That's why they exercise censorship towards any people or ideas that go against the government's ideas. Why do you think they call the citizens who don't think like them "unpatriotic" in that video ? Why do they prevent their citizens to use Youtube, Twitter and even Google if not to control and brainwash them ? China doesn't understand what is freedom of speech, in that aspect they are not much different from North-Korea.

takeheart_bts Friday, May 19, 2017

Looking at all these comments, I realize more than ever that western media has taught the world to hate a country that they most likely never even been to and whose people they don't have a decent understanding of. Every action just elicits condemnation and ridicule. How tragic...Just like you don't know Koreans just because you watch korean dramas and listen to kpop, don't you pretend to know chinese people and their values.

castleofcake takeheart_bts Friday, May 19, 2017

LOL so you are saying that in face of the recent developments in North Korea, which China obviouly didnt do anything about, South Korea should just sit there and do nothing? China can do anything to North Korea, that country is essancially kept alive by China. China made this happen by not doing anything about the continues threats NK is sending towards Korea, Japan and the US. So what exactly is not understood here?

takeheart_bts castleofcake Friday, May 19, 2017

1. N. Korea is bent on becoming a nuclear power nation, although it's failing at that. Adding sanctions and punishments will only agitate the situation. You don't put out a fire by dousing it with fuel. 2. South Korea doesn't even want to install THAAD. US forced it on them. 3. bangerryun94: North Korea is a major threat to nobody. The country has never recovered from the floods, drought and famine. If the didn't get food and aid from the US, Japan, yeah they're sending aid, and other countries, the country would have collapsed. If NK is so dangerous the world could have waltzed right in between 96-99 and taken over. China wouldn't have been able to do anything because She had depleted Herself giving aid to them. North Korea is a mountain with less than 20% farmable land. The west has turned a starving uneducated, backward country into a mega monster for its own political purposes. (This was so well said I had to copy + paste it)

norhunnie takeheart_bts Saturday, May 20, 2017

Exactly. There's a lot of misconception surrounding China (not saying that all that is portrayed in the media is wrong), mainly due to the difference in culture between the West and the East. Although I'm not a fan of making political statements in this manner, it's not something that hasn't happened before or is only limited to China. Furthermore, regarding THAAD and N. Korea - China politics, doesn't it seem like China is slowly moving away from N. Korea? Lately they haven't been supporting all of their decisions. I don't see why kpop fans are constantly trying to defend S.Korea just because they like kpop, especially when they have little connection to the actual country and little knowledge of the topic. And allkpop is definitely not the site where you want to source your information... It's great if they want to learn about the politics and happenings though!

castleofcake takeheart_bts Saturday, May 20, 2017

1. You dont know if they are failing or not. You know that NK failed to develope missles yet that can transport those atomic warheads. So should Korea, Japan and the US wait till they are? They are clearly intend on getting this done, so even if it takes them another 10 year s it is a real threat and should be treated as such. 2. That is not true. SK is a democracy and the people voted for their goverment. The goverment wanted it and resistance is mainly from farmers around the town were its is supposed to be installed, you dont see much protest in diffrent regions. Since there is a new goverment now, it might change their stance, but it doesnt change SKs right to install defense technology on their soil against a very aggressive neighbor. 3. We are not talking about the west, we are talking about SK primaly and since NK has been extra agressive lately, they have all the right to take the threats of their direct neighbor seriously and act acordingly in their best intrest. And NK might be starving, but it doesnt mean they are not a real threat to SK. You know how close Seoul is to the border right? If China was more supportive or reassuring towards SK and less passive with NK they might have never felt the need to follow through with THAAD.

takeheart_bts castleofcake Saturday, May 20, 2017

What does N. Korea really want from increasing its nuclear power? Leveraging power on par with the rest of the world, or war? How does N. Korea benefit from a war with their sparse resources? The only reason they are considered a threat is because the US is portraying them as one, adding sanctions and isolating them only exacerbates the situation. Whether China gets involved or not, it doesn't change N. Korea's ultimate goal: to maintain and strengthen its regime. Your other two points would be valid assuming North Korea actually wants war. With its technology, do you really think N. Korea would mobilize against S. Korea, who has the backing of the US military? The reason why I say South Korea doesn't want THAAD is because installing it would solidify its stance against N. Korea. Although it's a far away dream, don't forget that S. Korea actually wants to reunite with N. Korea one day.

castleofcake takeheart_bts Monday, May 22, 2017

I think you clearly dont know about the NK propaganda machine. It is drilling its people to war, they are raised to be always ready to fight. It doesnt matter if they really want it or not, it could still happen through pride and recklessness. Dont forgett about the border fights, if those escalate, there is a real chance of rekindling a war. The situation is not friendly. Well i guess it comes down to an opinon: do you believe NK is a threat to the world as a nuclea power or not and i guess you really dont see it this way, other people and the involved goverments have a diffrent opinon. This is actually the worst point you could make against THAAD, Koreans are not conernd about how NK sees them. It might still be officially goverment policy, but the younger generations have no ties to NK anymore and most people actually think it would be too much of a financial and economic burden to reunify with them. People are more concernt about the SK-China relations, but not enough to go against it. I guess is also suppose to show China that SK can make indipendent desicions against them (but this is oc only speculation).

RizalmieHisham Friday, May 19, 2017

maybe some korean rapper make some song reminding Korean about China role helping North Korea in Korean War.

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