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"Wounds of glory," BTS's V (Kim Taehyung) flaunts scars and bulked-up body from intensive military training as a Special Forces (SDT) soldier

Kim Taehyung, aka V from BTS, shares exciting updates about his military life.

On April 12, Taehyung thrilled fans by posting a series of photos that showcased the muscular physique he has developed through the grueling training as an elite Special Forces (SDT) soldier in the Military Police division.

In one photo, Taehyung is wearing a black shirt featuring the logo of the Special Duty Team (SDT), the term used for the Special Forces in the South Korean military. Other photos depict him in casual attire, both at the gym and outdoors.

Taehyung also shared a shirtless photo of his back with scars, captioned "Wounds of glory," showcasing his pride in the intensive training he has been undergoing as an elite SDT soldier.

A former military man confirmed that the scars on his back are from carrying heavy military gear and equipment while marching for hours. They can also be caused by chafing from long ropes during climbing or while crawling under a mountain.

Along with the photos, Taehyung also shared his recent activities. Besides training and exercising, he went on a little vacation to celebrate Na PD's birthday and hang out with his friends. Taehyung also revealed that he now weighs 75kg.

"Salute. How's everyone doing?

I'm working out healthily, wearing a cool black uniform (SDT black ops uniform) and doing great training! When I came out a little while for vacation, I celebrated Na PDs birthday, had a great time talking to friends about the military. Now, I am working out very hard and weigh 75kg, but since the soldiers of our unit have really great bodies, I have to work harder. I'll try. Bye."

Before enlisting, Taehyung revealed that he weighed 61kg but planned to bulk up to 85kg during his service. He has impressed everyone with his dedication and continued progress in building up his body.

Enthusiastic fans expressed their thrill over the latest photos of Taehyung, marveling not only at his handsome presence but also at the remarkable transformation he has undergone in just four months since enlisting.

Taehyung is currently serving in the 'Ssangyong Unit (Double Dragons)' of the Military Police Special Task Force (SDT). Since enlisting, he has received much praise for opting to join the Special Forces (SDT), known for their rigorous training, and for his exemplary performance as an Elite Trainee.

Earlier this month, Taehyung generated a huge buzz when he was spotted attending a soccer match with his unit. Check out the full story below.

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Friday, April 12, 2024

damn he looks so fine ngl

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Friday, April 12, 2024

So proud of you, Taehyung. Soldier on!

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