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K-netizens react to the feud between HYBE's Bang Si Hyuk and ADOR's Min Hee Jin


On April 22, a report that HYBE had initiated an audit of ADOR took many by surprise. 

HYBE has called for a shareholders' meeting for its subsidiary, ADOR, and requested CEO Min Hee Jin's resignation, invoking its shareholder rights. Initial reports indicate that this action aims to hold ADOR's management accountable for allegedly trying to take over management control and appoint additional HYBE directors.

However, ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin refuted the accusations and explained, "The allegations that we are trying to take over the management are completely untrue." Instead, Min Hee Jin claimed that the conflict with HYBE arose from HYBE allegedly plagiarizing NewJeans.

Min Hee Jin has accused Belift Lab, another subsidiary label under HYBE, of copying NewJeans with their latest group, ILLIT. She claims that despite ADOR raising objections to the new girl group, HYBE permitted Belift Lab to launch it.

Korean netizens have become split on this continued feud between HYBE and ADOR. They commented, "What she said isn't wrong. ILLIT is so similar to NewJeans," "This is agreeable. When I first saw ILLIT on YouTube, I first thought of NewJeans," "But she's saying she's backstabbing and becoming independent because of plagiarism? What is she saying?" "But she copied the music and vibe of the pop singer she's a fan of, hasn't she?" "ILLIT, produced by Bang Si Hyuk, is such a copy of NewJeans, of course, Min Hee Jin would be mad," "Let's be honest, would ILLIT have that concept without NewJeans?" "Does she think her reasons are believable?" "They were asking if she tried a Coup De'tat, but she's replying with nonsense," "I think I would be mad too if I were Min Hee Jin. Stealing control of ADOR, of which HYBE owns 80%? It doesn't seem possible or even likely. It feels like they're trying to push her out because Min Hee Jin protested," "She sure knows how to glamorize backstabs," and "No one knows for sure if CEO Min Hee Jin actually tried to seize control. It's just HYBE's claim. I don't want to be swayed by articles like some forest fairy."

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26 days ago

When staff writers are gonna write one comment per line for Knetz comments? It's much easier to read that way.

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jnk1103,650 pts 26 days ago 27
26 days ago

Sounds like jealousy to me on BSH’s side. Didn’t like the attention Min Hee Jin was getting from New Jeans and so he created a copycat group which Min Hee Jin was upset about. Now he’s going to push her out and take over New Jeans and he’ll be standing in the spotlight of their future success.

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