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Jeon So Mi lowers the price of her makeup GLYF following criticism of the high price tag


Singer Jeon So Mi ventured into making her own cosmetic brand and garnered much attention.

In particular, Jeon So Mi faced criticism when netizens found that her first product, a special highlighter palette, had a price tag that was higher than expected. The 'GLYF' highlighter featured four colors and was priced at 43,000 KRW (~32 USD).

While the intensive promotion of the idol's new beauty brand on multiple platforms has generated significant buzz, numerous online users believe that the brand's initial offering, the highlighter palette, is "overpriced."

Many pointed out that they would be able to purchase other luxury brand cosmetics, such as Dior or Chanel, if they invested a little bit more.

Following the criticism, Jeon So Mi decided to lower the price to 34,400 KRW (~25.45 USD).

Korean netizens responded, "I'm just curious about who her consumer target is," "The case needs improvement," "I think it would've been better if the palette had just one color each," "If it's too expensive then just don't buy it, why do people have to curse at her?" "I guess no one bought it so she lowered the price," "Well I consider that just her merchandise, not a cosmetic brand," "I think it's too much if you can't cancel your order," and "I guess she wanted to be like Kylie Jenner, Selina Gomez, or Ariana Grande."

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As always, with celebrity brands, you're paying for the name. Most celebrity brands are trash and are done for a quick cash grab. Very few ever rise to the level of brands like Fenty, Rare Beauty, and Haus Labs, and even those brands have had bumps along the way to their success.

She clearly overestimated her celebrity, and tried to price an unproven product at luxury prices.

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shoody931,931 pts 14 days ago 0
14 days ago

There are many affordable drugstore makeup that are high quality. I wouldn't even pay 25$ for a highlighter palette. I bought mine for like 3$ and I keep getting compliments.

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