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[INTERVIEW] DRIPPIN talks 'Beautiful MAZE' and 4th anniversary: "We hope people who listen to the song gain strength"


A year after the release of 'SEVEN SINS,' Woollim Entertainment's boy group, DRIPPIN returned with yet another enthralling single album, 'Beautiful MAZE.'

After oozing such mysterious charms with 'SEVEN SINS,' the band is back to delve into youth and love through the songs "Beautiful MAZE," "Get LOUD," and "Black MIRROR."

Ahead of the group's return, Hyeop, Yunseong, Dongyun, Minseo, and Junho chatted with allkpop to discuss their long-awaited comeback album 'Beautiful MAZE' and journey so far, approaching their 4th anniversary. Read the full exclusive interview below! 

Full video interview:

[Changuk wasn't able to participate in the interview as he's currently on hiatus]

allkpop: First of all, congratulations on your comeback with 'Beautiful Maze'! It’s been a while since your last album. How does it feel to finally release new music?

Dongyun: We know you've missed us a lot after our year-long hiatus. So, we're excited to show you a DRIPPIN that's even better and more grown-up than last year.

Hyeop: As it has been a long time since we made a comeback, I must say that we and many people around us put a lot of effort into it. It seems like I am full of anticipation for what kind of memories I will have with DREAMIN.

allkpop: Could you please tell us more about your upcoming new album? What kind of message do you want to convey with the new album?

Junho: It's called “Beautiful Maze,” and it's a beautifully written song about a lot of feelings about love and breaking up. While preparing this song, the sight of us working very hard to unite and work toward one goal felt very beautiful to me. I hope many people who listen to the song also gain strength.

allkpop: What do you think is the biggest difference between your new album and your previous albums?

Hyeop: First of all, from a critical point of view, it has to be something conceptual or something that we, DRIPPIN, want to talk about. And that itself gave me a completely different feeling.

allkpop: What was the most enjoyable and difficult part of preparing for this album?

Minseo: Since the preparation period for this album was long, I think our fans had a lot of expectations, so I was a little worried about how much we would be able to show them how much we've grown during the hiatus. What was fun was that it was the first time in a long time that we all came together like this, so I think we had a lot of fun putting it together.

allkpop: Are there any interesting behind-the-scenes scenes during the music video filming?

Dongyun: The music video was shot in a bunch of different locations in one place, and I was impressed with how it came together. The weather was a little cold at night, but they lit a huge campfire. We were all cold, and it was cute how we huddled around the fire to warm ourselves up before we went into filming.

allkpop: This year will mark your 4th anniversary. Congratulations in advance! Looking back, what kind of development do you feel or see most in yourself?

Junho: First of all, thank you so much for the congratulations. It's amazing that we've been together for four years already. Time often feels very slow, but as I spend each day with the members, it feels very fast. I think I've gained a lot of people who like me. At the same time, I think it's great that I can enjoy the stage more leisurely as my heart, mind, and other external things have grown too.

allkpop: What is one moment from your 4-year career as DRIPPIN that you will always remember as an artist?

Dongyun: When we first went abroad for a schedule after the coronavirus pandemic, I really remember the moment we boarded the plane and the moment our fans greeted us when we came down. That was really memorable.

Yunseong: I really remember the exact day that the fandom was named DREAMIN because I always wondered what it would be called if I had a fandom in the future. I think that it's really beautiful. I really like the name of our fandom.

allkpop: What is one lyric from any of the songs from your new album you love or resonate with the most, and why?

Junho: First of all, in “Beautiful Maze,” there is a part like “I will change, please don’t leave me.” That part seems like a love story, where it’s like asking the other person not to leave me because I will change. Actually, those expressions are expressions that you don't hear much in music. I think it was an impressive part because I thought it was very fresh and very well embedded in the song.

allkpop: Do you have anything else to tell allkpop readers and your fans?

Minseo: We've been working really hard to prepare for this, and I think DRIPPIN has really grown a lot, so I think this comeback is really good. We will prepare hard and well and show it to many fans.


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Beautiful Maze is a bop and the soft sound and youthful concept really suit them. I hope they stick to this style in future.

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