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Blogger denied entry to IU's concert finds seat occupied by another attendee


Previously, a blogger was contacted by Melon Ticket over suspicions of illegal ticket trading while attempting to attend IU's concert, which ignited widespread concern among K-pop fans. 

Despite providing a comprehensive set of documents for clarification, such as identification, ticket payment receipts, an official fan club card, and correspondence with a friend who assisted with the ticket purchase, The blogger was denied entry to the concert on the day of the event. The denial was attributed to the explanation of "a friend making the payment," which was misconstrued as proxy ticketing.

However, this matter again garnered attention when the blogger pointed out that someone else was seated in their seat when a photo of IU's concert was shared online.

The blogger claimed that the seat they were supposed to be in was occupied by someone else when it should've been vacant.

Another netizen commented, "On the day the issue first gained public attention, a post garnered significant attention, and in the comments, someone mentioned that their seat was right behind that particular seat and that someone was seated there. Although I didn't save or capture the post when it was widely shared, I read it and moved on. The person who made that comment might have deleted it later, making it difficult to find now, but I remember it distinctly."

Korean netizens commented, "They should've just given out invitations for different seats. The fan was the only victim in this case," "That seat was really good too," "This is so serious," "The artist should know about this issue," "They need to explain themselves," "I wonder who took that seat," "They need to reveal who they gave that ticket to," "Woah, what's with the agency?" "The agency said there was no one who sat in that seat though," "They need to clarify this," "So crazy," and "So they didn't sell the ticket and could've given it to someone else."

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It might also have been occupied by someone who saw that the (very good) seat was vacant and moved after the concert started. Or do they not do that in South Korea?

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Considering the company said the seats of those refused entry were left vacant and not given to staff or resold, this isn't a good look for them if true. Curious to see how they respond - A

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