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Immediately before Min Hee Jin's press conference, HYBE accuses the ADOR CEO of relying on a shaman for all management decisions


The feud between Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR and the creator of NewJeans, and ADOR's parent company, HYBE Labels, continues to intensify. 

On April 25, immediately before Min Hee Jin's urgent press conference was scheduled to take place at 3 PM KST, HYBE Labels released an urgent press statement of its own to accuse Min Hee Jin of conferring with a shaman for all of her decision-making. 

Stating that the company had obtained conversations logs of the exchanges between Min Hee Jin and a female shaman, HYBE claimed that an elderly shaman known as 'Jiyoung-nim' had convinced Min Hee Jin that the ghost of a close, younger relative had taken over her body. 

Referring to Min Hee Jin as "unnie", the shaman advised the ADOR CEO in 2021, "Bring me the company in three years," and added on, "I will aid unnie for exactly three years. You must acquire the company in those three years. All of it must be taken care of in three years."

Furthermore, HYBE Labels claimed that Min Hee Jin had even asked the shaman, "Will BTS receive exemption from military service?". To this, the shaman responded, "They will go. I will send them. It's not like they won gold medals." Min Hee Jin then asked the shaman to make sure that this happened, saying, "I think it will be more beneficial for me if they are not around." 

Min Hee Jin went to the shaman for other matters such as hiring new employees and the restructuring of company personnel, passing personal information about all potential and current employees to the shaman without legal permission. One potential employee, 'Park', was personally recommended by the shaman, going on to be hired as a special recruit by the vice president of ADOR. Most potential employees approved by the shaman were hired, and some are currently employed at ADOR at present.

While conferring with the shaman on various matters, Min Hee Jin allegedly mocked HYBE Labels chairman Bang Si Hyuk for "lacking any basic knowledge" and only "copying and imitating". The shaman then remarked, "Even if he copies and imitates, he does it in a way that brings in money." To this, Min Hee Jin said, "He honestly got to where he is now by copying my work." 

Min Hee Jin also consulted the shaman about the trainees she intended on producing. She asked, "These dumb kids will listen to me obediently, right? None of them will give me trouble?", and the shaman answered, "No, they won't." 

The conversation logs suggested that Min Hee Jin had known 'Jiyoung-nim', a shaman operating under a shamanism service located in Gangnam, since before 2017. In August of 2021, 'Jiyoung-nim' established a company called 'M Partners', listing herself as its director. Another service company, also owned by 'Jiyoung-nim' called 'M Consulting', previously requested payment from ADOR for cleaning services provided to Min Hee Jin's personal studio. 

HYBE Labels asked Min Hee Jin to verify these conversations during the audit request on April 22. However, Min Hee Jin refused to answer HYBE's requests. 

Finally, HYBE stated, "There are other criminal acts which we cannot disclose at this time, and we are continuously discovering more serious issues that make it impossible for HYBE to go on entrusting [Min Hee Jin] with the management of ADOR as we speak. And yet, Min refuses to accept HYBE's demands for her resignation, causing severe problems in resuming normal management for ADOR." 

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Bro, this is looking more like a kdrama by the minute. Expecting a plot twist any moment now

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Just a matter of time before the news of her cult hits the internet and Nj and their families are part of it. I think it’s time to get off the internet for today.

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