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Surprising celebrity family connections revealed among Korean stars


It has come to light that actors Lee Dong-gun and Sung Hyuk are relatives, joining the ranks of celebrities who are surprisingly related. Actors Kang Dong-won and Gong Yoo, along with Choi Myung-gil and Kwon Yul, are also part of this unexpected family circle.

On the 11th, the SBS show 'My Ugly Duckling' revealed Lee Dong-gun spending time with his friends, including actors Park Kwang-jae and Sung Hyuk, with whom he shared a warm hug and announced, "We are of the same bloodline," surprising many with their familial relationship. Lee Dong-gun commented on the rarity of relatives working together as actors within the same agency, especially over such a long period.

Last year, the familial tie between Kang Dong-won and Gong Yoo as in-laws garnered significant attention. Their unique relationship was highlighted on tvN's 'You Quiz on the Block' in September, with both hailing from Busan and their grandfathers having a close relationship, leading to their families becoming related. Despite their initial struggles as newcomers in the industry, their supportive bond remains strong, albeit now limited to occasional contacts due to their busy schedules.

Gong Yoo also shares another unexpected family connection with actress Gong Hyo-jin, both belonging to the same extended family, which has prevented any dating rumors despite their closeness. According to reports, Gong Yoo is the 79th generation, and Gong Hyo-jin is the 81st, making them granduncle and granddaughter, respectively.

Actor Lee Jang-woo is well-known to be the cousin of Fly to the Sky's Hwanhee. Inspired by Hwanhee's debut in the entertainment industry, Lee Jang-woo pursued a career in entertainment, valuing the positive family atmosphere created by Hwanhee's success.

Actor Kwon Yul, who is the nephew of actress Choi Myung-gil, kept this family connection private for over eight years after his debut. Choi Myung-gil expressed her affection for her nephew, emphasizing the importance of professionalism in acting.

In addition to these celebrities, singer Yook Joong-wan and BTOB's Yook Sung-jae are distant relatives. Actors Park Won-sook and Park So-dam are related as sixth cousins, with Park So-dam crediting Park Won-sook for encouraging her to persevere through numerous audition rejections. Actors Park Sung-woong and Kim Ui-sung are also sixth cousins and have worked together in several films.

These revelations highlight the interconnectedness of the Korean entertainment industry, with many stars sharing more than just the spotlight but also family ties.

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See the difference between keeping your family connections private for years vs exposing yours since the beginning of your career, like saying "Do you know who is my...?"

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Now people can stop dissing me for being disgusted ever time a celebrity on a show says that a coupe looks similar to each other when they have the same surnames.

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