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Jimin has the record for the most solo streams by a Korean artist on Spotify

Another big milestone in Jimin's solo career has been added to his already very long list of accolades earned following his solo debut in 2023. His performance on music charts domestically as well as internationally is nothing short of astounding considering all the records he has broken or set on different music platforms and charts as the 'first Korean solo artist in history' and even 'first artist in history' for some as previously reported extensively.It is even more impressive that all these achievements have been earned in less than a year and without the help of major promotional tools such as radio play, ads, or big playlists. 

Spotify, the biggest music streaming service in the world, is one of the music platforms where Jimin's performance has left no doubt regarding his status as the top Korean soloist.

On Feb 19, Jimin surpassed 2 Billion streams across all his solo songs, making him the Korean act with the most solo streams in the history of Spotify. On aggregate, all songs under his profile (including collaborations) have now surpassed 2.8 Billion streams.

His best performing song is his title track 'Like Crazy' from his solo debut album 'FACE'. 

As of the Spotify charts dated Feb 17, the counter streams for the song had surpassed 877.6 Million to beat BTS' 'Butter' with 877.5 Million and now ascend to the 3rd rank among the songs with the biggest first year streams by K-pop acts on the platform's history. Notably, 'Like Crazy' still hasn't completed a full year since its release and so there is the possibility of it ascending to an even higher ranking.

As they celebrated this milestone, fans could not help but praise Jimin for this incredible feat, particularly pointing out the fact that 'Like Crazy' did not have any of the promotional services that 'Butter' had, such as radio and playlisting. Moreover, 'Butter' has been out for 3 years while 'Like Crazy' is only 11 months old and yet 'Butter' currently has more playlist reach that 'Like Crazy'. It goes to show just how much organic demand 'Like Crazy' enjoys from the listeners to be able to compete with songs that have had major promotions.

As of the charts dated Feb 18, the song reached another milestone as it had amassed over 880 Million streams on Spotify, thereby setting two new records as the fastest Korean song to reach this feat as well as the fastest solo song by a K-pop act to achieve this, in just 332 days.

Just a few days later, as of the charts dated Feb 21, the song has now garnered over 887 Million streams and has thus risen to the 3rd spot among the most streamed songs by K-pop soloists in the history of Spotify. Moreover, the top 2 songs are both English songs with one being a collaboration, making 'Like Crazy' the most streamed Korean song by a K-pop soloist on the platform's history. Overall, it now ranks 8th among the most streamed songs by K-pop acts on the platform's history.

Congratulations Jimin for all the new achievements!

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Congratulations jimin

The way they are taking time to down vote to the successful member news shows how successful he is now

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