Posted by Sophie-Ha Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Former Idol turned streamer suspected of making false accusations of sexual assault, Prosecution seeks a One-Year Jail Sentence


In a recent legal development, on February 27, the Seoul Central District Court heard a case involving a former girl group member turned BJ (broadcast jockey or streamer), known as 'A,' who is 24 years old. The prosecution has recommended a one-year prison term for 'A,' accusing her of making false sexual assault allegations against a company executive, referred to as 'B.'

The heart of the matter lies in 'A's claim that 'B' attempted to sexually assault her, a charge she brought forward after 'B' declined 'A's demand to end his relationship with his girlfriend. The prosecution argues that 'A's actions were motivated by resentment following this rejection.

During her trial on February 27, 'A' conveyed her lack of desire to see the company executive punished, yet she denied the notion that her accusations were driven by jealousy or a desire for revenge related to his romantic relationship.

'A's defense centered around the argument that her judgment was impaired due to alcohol consumption right before the incident in question. However, this claim was challenged by the prosecution, which presented CCTV footage. This footage depicted 'A' leaving the scene without apparent distress, casually moving around the office space, and even embracing 'B' with a hug.

The initial report of the alleged assault was made by 'A' in January 2023, but police decided against forwarding the case to the prosecution. Unwilling to let the matter drop, 'A' filed an objection, prompting the prosecution to review the CCTV evidence and launch a formal investigation.

The court is scheduled to deliver its sentencing verdict at 10 AM on March 21.

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iiisssbecca451 pts Tuesday, February 27, 2024 0
Tuesday, February 27, 2024

This girl is why people struggle to share their stories and are scared to come forward because they think they wont be believed. Shes making a mockery out of real victims

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AnonymousInsider3,252 pts Tuesday, February 27, 2024 0
Tuesday, February 27, 2024

I mean... yeah... if she's making false accusations, she should be punished for it. You're trying to ruin someone's life.

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