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NMIXX makes a surprise visit and performs a live show at a middle school


Digital content media Dingo released ‘Dingo Attack School Signal Edition’ featuring NMIXX on their official YouTube channel on the 8th at 5 PM.

The ‘Dingo Attack’ series is a reality program where stars make surprise visits to the ordinary lives of fans, gifting them a day to remember. Numerous participants have met with fans and shared ordinary moments in various places like karaoke rooms, PC rooms, offices, beauty salons, schools, movie theaters, hotels, and even through delivery, providing touching experiences.

The ‘Dingo Attack School Signal Edition’ is part of the school violence prevention campaign ‘School Signal,’ a joint initiative started last October by Dingo, the Ministry of Education, the Korean Youth Policy Institute School Violence Prevention Education Support Center, the Korea Press Foundation, and 17 metropolitan and provincial offices of education. The campaign emphasized the message of prevention by revealing that ignoring the ‘School Signals’ of victims of school violence could lead to a lack of awareness and understanding of their plight through public service advertisements and observation experiment videos.

This ‘Dingo Attack’ event was organized to encourage students to participate in the campaign. It was planned to promote the campaign's purpose and instill a correct understanding of school violence through live performances and mini-talks with students. In fact, students who participated in the School Signal event shared opinions like, “What one may think is just a joke, if repeated and causing distress to the other person, can be school violence,” and “If you find a victim, you need to provide help, whether directly or indirectly,” reinforcing the campaign's message.

The news of NMIXX’s appearance in ‘Dingo Attack’ drew immense interest, with about 2,100 students appl

ying to participate, proving the campaign's high level of attention.

The ‘Dingo Attack School Signal Edition’ captures NMIXX’s surprise live performance at a middle school in Hanam City, Gyeonggi-do. The students, who were gathered in the auditorium for a pre-interview shoot, were initially startled by the sudden sound of a siren but soon erupted in cheers at NMIXX’s arrival.

On stage, NMIXX performed a dazzling rendition of their hit song ‘Love Me Like This’. They also discussed their mini 2nd album ‘Fe3O4: BREAK’ and its pre-released digital single ‘Soñar (Breaker)’.

In addition to their passionate performance, NMIXX spread joy through active engagement and laughter with the students. After the performance, they also had deeper conversations with the students during the ‘Class Attack’.

The ‘Dingo Attack School Signal Edition’ featuring NMIXX can be viewed on the Dingo Studio official YouTube channel.

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