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Are these signs that Ahyeon is not returning to BABYMONSTER?

Recent discussions have been rife with speculation regarding Ahyeon's delayed debut with YG Entertainment's long-awaited rookie girl group, BABYMONSTER, ostensibly due to personal reasons. This development has elicited skepticism among the fanbase, primarily because of Ahyeon's perceived pivotal role within the group. A segment of fans theorizes that this delay might be a strategic narrative by YG Entertainment (YGE) to obscure the actual scenario of Ahyeon's departure from the group.

Unverified reports have emerged, suggesting that Ahyeon has been seen at CUBE Entertainment premises during late hours, further fueling conjectures about her potential exit from BABYMONSTER.

Adding to the intrigue, on November 30, the release of "Behind The Scenes Part 1" of BABYMONSTER's music video shoot for their debut track "BATTER UP" has intensified the rumors. Notably, several aspects of this video have caught the attention of fans, seemingly lending credence to the theory of Ahyeon's departure:

1. During a segment showcasing the group enjoying a coffee truck break from the music video shoot, both the poster and the banner displayed on the truck conspicuously excluded Ahyeon from the group's lineup. This omission has raised questions and further speculation among the fan community regarding Ahyeon's current association with BABYMONSTER.

2. In a particular segment of the video, there is a notable scene where one of the group members, RORA, writes the names of her fellow group members on a locker situated in the backdrop. Intriguingly, the names of only six out of the seven members are inscribed in this scene. Accompanying this visual is an official subtitle that reads, "RORA writing the members' names herself." This detail has caught the attention of fans, as it seems to subtly indicate the exclusion of one member from the group, further fueling the ongoing speculations.

3. Moreover, within one of the scenes, an intriguing detail emerges: the text "BM-2023-1102" is prominently displayed. This appears to signify that the original release date for BABYMONSTER's debut music video was intended to be November 2, 2023. However, in a notable deviation from this schedule, the debut was eventually pushed to over three weeks later, specifically on November 26, 2023. This unexpected delay raises questions about the underlying reasons for the postponement of such a significant event in the group's nascent career.

In light of the conspicuous absence of any mention of Ahyeon in the video and subtitles, it prompts a critical examination of the situation. If Ahyeon were still a part of BABYMONSTER, one would logically expect her presence to be acknowledged in some form, perhaps with the other members or YG Entertainment (YGE) staff expressing sentiments of missing her and eagerly anticipating her return. This customary approach in team dynamics, especially in closely-knit groups like K-pop groups, would serve to acknowledge her temporary absence and reinforce her connection with the group and its fans.

The complete lack of reference to Ahyeon, therefore, stands out as a headscratcher. It diverges from the usual practices of inclusion and camaraderie typically observed in such settings, suggesting a more profound implication about her status within the group. This silence could be interpreted as an indicator of a more permanent change in the group's lineup, rather than a temporary hiatus for Ahyeon.

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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Didn't they announce she was removed from the group? Why would they add her again 🤣

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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Jini Nmixx but earlier.

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