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The Boyz' Hyunjae faces Backlash for repeatedly offering Shrimp despite Jacob's Shrimp Allergy


A recent incident has stirred controversy among fans and the K-pop community. Hyunjae from The Boyz is under fire for his actions towards fellow member Jacob. The incident involved Hyunjae persistently offering shrimp to Jacob, despite being aware of Jacob's severe allergic reaction to shrimp.

In a recent livestream, Hyunjae, Jacob, and Younghoon were eating together when the incident occurred. Hyunjae asked Jacob to try a shrimp to see what would happen.

What disturbed many netizens is that Hyunjae was quite persistent in asking Jacob to try a shrimp. 

Hyunjae: Can't you try it once?

Jacob: No? I can eat it, but who will take responsibility...

Hyunjae: I will.

Younghoon: We might need to turn off the broadcast.

Hyunjae: We'll turn off the broadcast and take you to the hospital right away.

Jacob: Sighs.

Hyunjae: Just try it once~ is this possible? Let's try once.

Jacob: Why not test at the hospital?

Younghoon: Why even try?

Hyunjae: Because he ate it many times.

Younghoon: No~.

Jacob: It comes suddenly.

Hyunjae: Yeah?

Younghoon: What happens if he suddenly goes 'ugh ugh ugh'?

Jacob: The shot is painful, I don't want to get it.

Netizens are heavily criticizing Hyunjae for not recognizing the dangers of food allergies and persistently asking Jacob to eat the shrimp. Netizens commented, "Is he psycho? Why is he like that?" "I think he's trying to prove that Jacob can eat shrimp on the live broadcast. But still, why is he being so persistent?" "I mean, even if he wanted to really see what an allergic reaction is like...it gives me the goosebumps...seems psychotic," "Does he really not know what allergies are like?" "Why is he doing that to his member?" "You can die from an allergy attack," "Geez. He even asks so many times," "What is wrong with him?" "How will he take responsibility?" and "Is he serious?"

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Jullllie50 pts Wednesday, September 27, 2023 3
Wednesday, September 27, 2023

It's because he doesn't really have an allergy (he said it himself on live). Jacob's fear of eating shrimp is because one time he ate some shrimp that wasn't fresh during The Castle concert in Hong Kong. After that happened, in another live with Juyeon he had tried to eat shrimp in a spaghetti to check if he would have any symptoms. Although he was still kind of scared, he said that shrimp is good and he didn't want to miss it. So the other members wanted to help Jacob overcome his fear ever since, which was what Hyunjae was trying to do here.

The live video in the article happened on 09/07 and the conversation happens around 9:50. You can see for yourself that they were actually having a really good time, and they weren't really forcing him, but netizens chose to pick this really really short conversation to try to make them look bad and create a controversy.

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xx-jenn-xx Allkill VIP 20,444 pts Wednesday, September 27, 2023 9
Wednesday, September 27, 2023

allergies are a serious thing. They can have problems with swelling, skin itching, redness and it could get worse. I can't tell by the clip whether he's being playful or serious, and since I don't speak or understand Korean it's really hard to judge. I hope he wasn't serious, and that he clarifies his intentions. I had to watch it several times, to me it looks like he's attempting to poke fun at him, but again, it's really hard to tell.

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