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Song Kang Ho, Im Soo Jung, Oh Jung Se, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Krystal of the upcoming film 'Cobweb' get up close and personal with 'Vogue Korea'


'Cobweb' is one of the most anticipated films in 2023. Directed by Kim Jee Woon, it is a period black comedy piece with a star-studded cast of Song Kang Ho, Im Soo Jung, Oh Jung Se, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Krystal.

On September 20, Vogue Korea sat down with the cast to get up close about their latest project and receive an insight about their acting careers. On this day, Vogue Korea released a stunning pictorial of the cast, capturing the dark, eerie vibe encompassed in the upcoming film.

In the interview, Song Kang Ho shared his perspective on acting before and after the success of 'Parasite.' He shared, "Before that, if there was a somewhat intense and rough enthusiasm, after 'Parasite,' it feels like the enthusiasm has become more refined. There was also an effort to mature the enthusiasm while feeling the presence of Korean cinema in the global film industry." 

He revealed that the pleasant results gave him confidence in Korean cinema. Two years ago, as the first Korean male actor to serve as a jury member in the Cannes Film Festival competition section, he carefully examined works considered world-class, and that conviction never wavered. He added, "I understand why Korean cinema must receive global attention. The constant dynamism and willingness to take on challenges seem to surpass any other country. I felt that the diversity and dynamism of Korean cinema were a few steps ahead of other countries, leading the audience to a different world."

Jeon Yeo Bin, who has been known for various dynamic roles in Korean dramas such as 'Vincenzo,' 'Be Melodramatic,' 'Glitch,' and more, also shared about her journey in the acting industry. She shared, "I've never found acting to be easy, not even once. Putting effort and hard work on set is always a natural thing for me. This might sound a bit funny, but I'm not good at giving up when I'm acting. Maybe someday, when I have more experience, I might let it go and try acting differently, but for now..

She continued, "I had to make a promise to myself. I wasn't living in a wealthy environment, and I decided that if I couldn't make a proper living through acting by the time I turned thirty, no matter how much I loved it, I would have to quit. At that time, it was a resolution to coldly acknowledge that what I could do and what I dreamed of were different. On the other hand, it was that urgent for me. I had been dreaming of becoming an actor for ten years, and honestly, I just couldn't muster the courage to give up. If I absolutely couldn't give up, then I had no choice but to work even harder."

Krystal is another cast member who has been dominating the film industry with her exceptional acting skills. She has perfectly transformed from an idol to an actress, receiving recognition for her roles in various films.

In the latest interview, Krystal revealed that she had to face new challenges while filming 'Cobweb.' She explained there were various "mental breakdowns" she had to overcome, especially because it was her first time acting in a vintage tone. She shared, "I didn't know if I had to act with a late 1970s tone when I first did a script reading with the director. They said it should have a more exaggerated breath like the old voice actors used to do, and it should sound like the old Seoul dialect. It was a complete 'mental breakdown.' Even though I said I wanted to do it, I didn't have the confidence to do it properly, not even a single line of dialogue. So, I went to a teacher who knew how to speak in that manner and received help, and I also learned the breathing techniques."

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