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EXO-Ls show support for Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin's recent decision + send "We Are One" support trucks in front of SM's headquarters

On June 1st, the attorney representing EXO sub-unit CBX - comprising Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin - announced they're filing a lawsuit against their agency, SM Entertainment, over financial issues. This move comes in response to the company's refusal to disclose vital financial information to the artists.

In a startling response, SM Entertainment claimed the artists were being swayed by external influences, hinting this situation could potentially delay EXO's anticipated comeback and music video recording. However, this statement was later revised to confirm that the music video recording would proceed as planned.

The law firm representing CBX, LIN, rebutted SM's claims, asserting the EXO members were mature adults capable of making their own decisions, and were not being manipulated by external forces.

The attorney went on to allege that SM Entertainment pressured artists to prematurely renew their contracts, extending the agreements to a minimum of 17-18 years. A particularly troubling element of these contracts was the automatic extension clause, activated until a specified minimum number of albums had been produced.

These revelations shocked fans, igniting an outcry from the EXO fanbase, known as EXO-Ls, against SM's conduct towards their idols over the past 11 years. In solidarity with EXO members, EXO-Ls have updated their social media profiles and are using special hashtags to demonstrate their firm support.

On June 3rd, Chinese EXOLs sent a support truck in front of SM's headquarters.

International fans also shared love toward EXO CBX via special tweets using the following hashtags which reached the worldwide trends on Twitter.

Additionally, on June 4th, Iranian EXOLs known as Iris held a specific heartwarming supportive fan project in which they shared pictures of hand gesture "L" sign and CBX photos with lovely sentences that illustrated their sincere feelings towards all EXO members especially Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin.

Even the following hashtag trended under the EXO topic on Twitter.

Finally, EXOLs are determined to support EXO's decisions and stay by them in any path they'll choose.

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TheSquid8,097 pts Saturday, June 3, 2023 1
Saturday, June 3, 2023
Now that's a proper use for the trucks.
Not that SM will take any notice, but still, looks like EXO-Ls have finally woken up to the danger of what could happen unless they show some support.
Bet the Chen and Chanyeol haters have been well and truly shut up.

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Sarama575 pts Saturday, June 3, 2023 0
Saturday, June 3, 2023

This is how shady SM is. I bet the previous truck wasn't from EXO-L. That was SM creating a distraction to scare CBX from suing them. SM is the best at creating and using scandals to change the situation. Do you remember how SM took over Baekhyun's YT channel because "they were worried it may cause problems for Baekhyun while he is serving?" Baekhyun was discharged a while ago, and still, it is the EXO channel that is uploading Baekhyun's content. How greedy as a company should you be to still youtube incomes from your artist?

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