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"Dismembered a stranger out of curiosity of murder," Disturbing Calmness of the Busan Tutor Murderer Astounds Criminal Experts


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The composure exhibited by 23-year-old Jung Yoo Jung during the dismembering of the lifeless body of a woman in her 20s in Busan has even surprised experts. 

"Even individuals with criminal inclinations typically experience panic and terror after taking someone's life, but Jung's behavior, witnessed in the footage of her retrieving a suitcase from her home to transport the deceased, displayed no signs of alarm or horror," stated Lee Soo Jung, a forensic psychology professor at Kyonggi University, in an interview with YTN on Saturday. Lee Soo Jung went on to describe Jung Yoo Jung's demeanor as "highly unusual."

Jung Yoo Jung, whose identity was disclosed last Thursday, stands accused of the murder of a young single woman in Busan. The victim, a university student, and freelance tutor, initially connected with Jung Yoo Jung through a tutoring app. Disguising herself as a parent, Jung Yoo Jung approached the victim under the pretext of seeking English lessons for her fictional middle school child.

Proceeding with her deceptive plan, the suspect purchased a school uniform and donned it to resemble a student. She then visited the victim's residence, as seen in the street surveillance footage, where she murdered the victim.

After the murder, the footage revealed Jung Yoo Jung bringing a suitcase from her home to the victim's place, later used to transport and discard parts of the victim's body.

To evade suspicion, Jung Yoo Jung also left the crime scene after changing into a different outfit from her victim's closet, as her own uniform had become stained with blood, as confirmed by the police.

Regarding the motive behind the murder of a stranger within her age group, the professor speculated that Jung Yoo Jung held an admiration for the victim's accomplishments and coveted what she had achieved. Professor Lee Soo Jung explained, "It appears that Jung Yoo Jung desired the social status and academic background possessed by the victim." The professor further noted that even after disposing of the victim's body, Jung Yoo Jung retained the victim's ID card.

Reports indicate that the victim was enrolled in a prestigious university. 

Jung Yoo Jung's reclusive and anti-social lifestyle is believed to have played a role in the gruesome act. Bae Sang Hoon, a criminal profiler and police administration professor at Woosuk University, observed, "It seems that Jung Yoo Jung's psychopathic tendencies awakened during her prolonged period of isolation," in an interview with the JoongAng Ilbo.

Following high school, Jung Yoo Jung reportedly led a secluded lifestyle for five years, remaining unemployed throughout. Bae Sang Hoon added, "Considering Jung Yoo Jung's circumstances, there is a high likelihood that she was unable to distinguish between reality and the fantasy world of murder she was immersed in."

During questioning, Jung Yoo Jung confessed to killing the victim, citing curiosity as her motive. She claimed her interest had been piqued by novels and TV programs depicting acts of murder. 

Initially, Jung denied the allegations of murder leveled against her by the Geumgjeong Police Precinct. However, faced with mounting evidence, including security camera footage, bloodstained luggage, and the victim's ID card, she changed her statement, asserting that "another person committed the murder" while she merely "disposed of the body."

The police discovered the victim's dismembered remains in an area along the Nakdong River and the rest of her body at Jung's residence.

The criminal profiler added, "It appears that Jung Yoo Jung's intense desire to kill consumed her to the extent that she failed to consider the 'next steps' after the alleged murder, such as preparing her own alternative clothing." It was only after persuasion from her family and the police that Jung Yoo Jung finally admitted to the killing last Wednesday.

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pink_oracle22,501 pts Friday, June 9, 2023 12
Friday, June 9, 2023

Twenty-three seems a bit young to go mad from isolation. I wonder if she wasn't already on the psychopathy spectrum.

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idgafily8,131 pts Friday, June 9, 2023 0
Friday, June 9, 2023

I wish they would give her life imprisonment. She is psychotic and apathetic, and she'll probably kill again. Stephen King said, "Murder is like potato chips: you can't stop with just one."

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