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10 K-pop Music Videos that are Cinematic Masterpieces

In the realm of K-Pop, music videos frequently transcend the traditional boundaries of mere visual accompaniments to songs. They often emerge as dynamic storytelling mediums, unfolding intricate narratives or perpetuating engaging tropes, which, in turn, fuel the imagination of fans, sparking lively discussions and intriguing fan theories. There are also music videos that are pure cinematic masterpieces, they should be watched on the big screen. Although, we might have to be satisfied with watching it on our smaller screen, here are some K-Pop music videos that are cinematic masterpieces.

BTS - Run

This was a hard one because every single one of BTS‘s music videos is amazing, but as for cinematic, we'll go with RUN. It's not only a really great song, but the music video is also beautiful. We have reached ten years with BTS, but fans would agree that this era depicted their youth. It was indeed the most beautiful moment in life.

VIXX - Shangri-La

It's wild how underrated this song and music video is, especially when literally every second of this music video can make really great wallpapers. The entire concept, in general, is a masterpiece on its own, but the execution is just aesthetically pleasing. 

WOODZ - Love Me Harder

WOODZ never fails to make masterpieces, whether it be a song or music video. There's nothing this all-rounder can't do. This music video is an interesting one, where he gets to see his 'other' self, mocking him as he meets his end—a whole cinematic experience in just 3 minutes.

CIX - Jungle

CIX always goes all out in their music videos and entire discography; sadly, they're not more popular than they are now. This one, alongside their newly released music video, "Save Me, Kill Me," are absolute cinematic masterpieces. 


When both JB and Yugyeom announced that they would be forming a duo, we knew that anything they released would be a work of art, and this music video proves it. So, um, when are we getting more of Jus2?

Woosung - FACE

It's simple and sort of like an "abstract art" kind of music video, but the visuals are eye-capturing. On top of his beautiful musical tone and a face card that never declines, the music video's aesthetics and inclusivity are just perfect.

ASTRO - All Night

Everything about this music video is just so so pretty. From the garden setting to the styling of the members that is really flattering to all the members, the lighting, and pastel vibe, give it the most dreamy look.

Red Velvet - Feel My Rhythm

As soon as they released the teaser photos, we knew it was going to be a beautiful one, and we were right! This sweet, princess-y music video is remarkably charming; you'd be obsessed!

IU - Lilac

Are we even surprised that our Queen IU will give us nothing less than a masterpiece every single time she releases new music? It was not only the song that was great, but the music video was certainly on par as well!

The Rose - Childhood

If you need to talk about K-Pop's greatest comeback, it would be The Rose. After going on a hiatus for some time and going through some difficult times as a group, this song and music video was the perfect way to show the world that nothing can hold them down. 

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  3. CIX
  4. IU
  5. Jus2
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  8. The Rose
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  10. VIXX
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Friday, June 16, 2023

2NE1 "Go Away" was cinematic masterpiece too

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Friday, June 16, 2023

2NE1's I Love You

AKMU has multiple

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