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ASTRO & Seventeen members continue to share their memories with the late Moonbin, expressing how much they miss him


K-Pop fans around the world are continuing to mourn the loss of a bright star, ASTRO's late member Moonbin, but those closest to him may be missing him the most. 

Previously, ASTRO members MJ, Jinjin, Cha Eun Woo, and Sanha visited the memorial space prepared for the late Moonbin outside the Fantagio building, leaving sincere, hand-penned letters for their group mate.

Former ASTRO member Rocky, who left the group only earlier this year, also recently left a heartfelt letter at the site. He wrote: 

"Hyung, it's Minhyuk. I counted the number of years we've known each other and it's 13. Long, huh? We have so many memories from all those years, and when I think back I guess even the difficult times were fun because you were there. We really went through a lot... To think that there's no one I can say, 'Remember when?', and talk about the past with, I still can't believe it. In those moments when there wasn't another breath of air in our lungs, just looking at each other in the face made us smile and helped us endure it. Hyung, how can I dance now that you're gone? Who will I talk to? I don't know... I think this is going to be difficult for me to accept. Let me talk to you, even if it's in my dreams. I'll wait for you. Don't keep me waiting too long, get some rest and then come visit me. I miss you so much. And I love you. I'll see you soon. From, Minhyuk."

Next, Seventeen's Woozi visited Moonbin's Instagram to leave a lengthy, personal letter for the late star. He wrote,

"Out Binnie hehe. I miss you so much. It was only a week ago that you asked me to set aside some time so we could dance together, you said, 'Hyung, you're my number one,' and smiled so bright that day and that smile is so vivid in my memory still. This world is too cruel, isn't it? Why did a handsome and cool person like you, like someone like me so much? And all the while, I couldn't express myself in front of you enough. I'm sorry for being so shy. You were the coolest dongsaeng to me, so wouldn't it have been great if I had been able to return all those good, sincere words you gave me? I'm ashamed of myself for not being able to express even the smallest of feelings. You always gave me so much strength. You always gave me the greatest recognition for my music, my dance, you liked my work so much and you always looked forward to what I would make next. I acted like I wasn't phased by what you said but did you know, I was so happy to hear you say that to me? I'm only now fessing up to you. You little runt. I don't think there was ever a dongsaeng who liked me so much as you did, and I don't think there will ever be another like you, which is why I cherish us and this feeling is growing stronger and stronger, and I don't know what to do about that. Some Future, the song that you just would not stop going on about, the song you said you needed to listen to officially no matter what and when was that gonna be, I'm going to do whatever it takes, even if I have to fight my company, and I'll bring it to you on your birthday. The bibimmyun that you bought me on my birthday, that's already long gone. Yet you never even gave me a chance to get you something for your birthday, you bad boy! I'm so sorry that this is all I can do for your as your hyung. I love you, I cherish you, and thank you. You will always remain in my heart as the coolest dongsaeng whom I'm ever grateful for. Let's be happy. I love you, Bin-ah." 

Another Seventeen member Wonwoo wrote, in a letter left for Moonbin at the memorial site,

"Bin-ah, it's hyung. Bin-ah, the kindest and coolest person in the world, when I was broken you came running to comfort me, but this hyung, I had no idea you were breaking down. I'm sorry. I remember how kind and generous you were, we worked out together and you comforted me during my rough time and those memories are still so vivid in my mind, which breaks my heart. But I'll live on, living for the both of us, having fun with the rest of the ASTRO members and I'll bring back all kinds of stories to tell you. When I see you then, you tell me what you needed to tell me, too. You came to see me at my mother's funeral, remember? My mother will be there to greet you. Let go of all your worries up there in the land of the moon, and just be happy. Thank you, and I love you, Bin." 

Finally, ASTRO member MJ, who will soon return to his military base to carry out the remainder of his mandatory service duties after attending Moonbin's funeral, wrote via his Instagram,

"My little dongsaeng Bin. It's not weird that I still sort of can't believe it, right...? How lonely and painful it must have been... all alone.. And even then, you worried about our team and our members the most... You should have worried about yourself more... You dummy. The picture of us that you always wanted to draw, I'll take the pen for you now. While you were suffering, I was right there next to you but could not do anything except say sorry now when it's too late, and I'm so angry with myself for it... If I'd known that our fan meeting right before my enlistment would be our last time on stage together, I would have looked at your more on stage, I would have joked and played around with you more, I would have never left your side.. Whenever you called me and said you would come visit me, it made me so giddy and all I did was wait for that day... Your voice is still so vivid in my mind... Do you remember what I said? I said let's live together when I'm done here. You laughed and said you'd think about it... In the end, I never heard your response ^^ I want to hear your response, even if it's in my dreams, so please come find me and give me your answer then. What kind of life did you live, how generously and diligently did you live, that you have so many people on your side? I'm so proud of you, my dongsaeng. Promise me one thing! Where you are now, don't feel pain there and stay happy and well. And build a house so when we meet again one day, we can live together. You worked so hard all this time. Thank you for being an idol. I love you, my dongsaeng Bin." 

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xx-jenn-xx Allkill VIP 20,897 pts Wednesday, April 26, 2023 0
Wednesday, April 26, 2023

MJ keeps breaking my heart and woozis message as well. It hurts that in a way they feel so guilty. I really hope everyone has good support. Moonbin will definitely watch over all of us.

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eldershawol3,681 pts Wednesday, April 26, 2023 0
Wednesday, April 26, 2023

i'm still so sad. the universe really took the best one from us.

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