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Apink Members' Handwritten Letters Provide Reassurance for Fans Concerned About the Group's Future

On April 28, Apink members reassured fans once again by posting Handwritten letters written by all the members(Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Namjoo, Hayoung) regarding the group's future.

Eunji first posted a handwritten letter on fan-communication platform Weverse and along with it, wrote a message for fans which read:

"Although change is full of fear and thoughts because we are not sure of the time ahead of us
Let's spend today well while believing in the time we have spent
People who talk provocatively have their reasons, but me and my people do not have to listen to them 🙂
I cherish you a lot

Sincerely! 🖤🌸"

Later, the other members of Apink shared the same letters through their Social media accounts.

The translations read as follows:


Hello, this is Apink's leader Chorong. I'm here to relay my firmness to many PANDAs who are surprised, that you don't have to worry at all. I think that the affection and responsibility our members, as well as fans have towards the team that we have built up thus far is extraordinary. I will not let go of the memories we have worked hard to make this easily! Don't worry about the useless things because I'm/we're going to work hard to meet PANDAs more often!
Although it feels surreal and scary to leave the company I was in for the past 20 years, but it's a tough decision that was made after multiple considerations of what was best for every one of us. I hope you can support me in this new challenge! Let me promise you once more that Apink will always be with PANDAs, to show you good performances and I would like to thank the company staffs that have worked hard alongside Apink.
Our PANDAs, don't fall sick, have your meals on time and wait just awhile more! In future, we'll still be Apink! In future, I'll still be Apink's leader Chorongie!


My love PANDA ♡
I'm well aware that you're always worrying about us so you're probably surprised and finally, it's my turn to be worried...
Just as you've seen us come thus far for a long time, Apink is still right here and I think that PANDAs know better that even in future, our wish to stay together for an even longer period became bigger and stronger! Although it's a little scary and feels surreal to bid farewell to the staffs who have been with us for the past long 12 years, I hope you'll still support the new side of us when we go to a new place and adjust slowly!
More than anything, our Apink members will also walk on the warm, flower path in future healthily! just as we are now! enjoyably!
Our PANDAS will also walk together with us right? Let's spend even more time together and be even, even happier in future!

In future, we'll still be Apink!


PANDAs! This is Eunji :)

You're shocked after seeing the news right? Although there may also be fans who may have guessed it to a certain extent, every change is followed with fear.
Which is why I'm writing this in a worried manner. In a generation where a decision has to be made in every aspect, our thoughts become even more firm as we look at our members and as we meet PANDAs. It's confirmed that as long as our thoughts and hearts are together, nothing will change. As what we promised on stage. Apink will still be Apink in future. This is what I really want to convey to the people who were my everything in my 20s. Although the thought of members leaving and leaving only me in the company sounds empty already, I'll talk about this calmly :)

You know that we're good at keeping promises right? That's why. Don't worry and you just have to be a PANDA in future will do. There won't be any upsetting matters. The members will go live in abit! We'll talk more then🖤

See you soon, my people!! ❤️

Hello, this is 'Apink's' Namjoo!
Our PANDAs must have been shocked right..? Sorry for causing you to worry! But i really, honestly wanted to quickly tell you that the fact that us 'Apink' will not change. Because it's the most important! Just like what we have been shouting with all of you, me, together with Chorong unnie, Bomi unnie, Eunji unnie and Hayoungie will still be 'Apink' in future too and our promotions will stay this way too ^_^ The only thing that's changed is just the company names! It wasn't an easy decision to leave the company that I put my entire self in for 13 years since I was a high school student. But I will work even harder so that we can show and approach everyone with more exciting and enjoyable performances as we promote as Apink in a new challenge and new environment! I love you, and thank you.


Hello, this is Apink's maknae Hayoung :)
We're writing these as we're thinking about how shocked our fans are after seeing the news^^
While figuring out on how to retain our precious members, team and fans for a very, very long time, we met a place that is necessary and a place we're grateful for and together with that, I would like to extend my gratitude to the many people who have been with us and worked hard with us thus far.
We will show you and promote with even more Apink- like songs so I hope you can trust us, keep a lookout on and look forward to the Apink now, and in future!
We will show you more sides of us, instead of using words so let's make even more memories! Together!!
Thank you, and I love you

-Hayoung :)

In recent news, OnApril 288, Apink members Bomi, Chorong, Namjoo, and Hayoung left IST Entertainment after 12 years and signed with Choi Creative Lab. IST Entertainment confirmed Apink would be staying together as a group despite Eunji being the only member to remain with the agency.

Stay tuned for updates on Apink.

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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Something to add, there were many tweets, comments and whatnot(mostly haters) about Eunji saying that she stayed back at IST because they might have offered her more money and she's selfish etc.

But she did a live broadcast today(only audio) where she said "It’d be really nice if i could go with the members, but i have work and things to do here and as long as i’m here i’ll protect the name Apink"
Clip of Eunji saying it!

[My take(inconsequential): I guess IST weren't prepared to give the rights of the name Apink to the members like iKon or GOT7 still get to use them, so she stayed behind till she made sure sure everyone can still use the name Apink, OR she might leave IST once her drama is completed. who knows]

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Sunday, April 30, 2023

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