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Posted by optimusnins Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Most Slept On B-sides in K-Pop


After looking at your 2022 Spotify Wrapped or Apple Music Replay and realizing that you may want to shake up your songs and want to get into more artists, or listen to more of their songs rather than just their title tracks, then this is the article for it. Here are some really good b-sides that are slept on that you can add to your playlist.

Pentagon - The Game

This is a musical masterpiece that should be on everyone's playlist. If you thought the intro was a sample, guess what? It was not. That was the eldest member, Jinho, who did the challenging vocals in the intro.

P1Harmony - Mirror Mirror

If you ever need a hype song that tells you how fresh and deadly you look, this is the song. These guys literally have no bad songs, and they really ate it up with this track. Everything about them is so crazy addictive.

DKB - Bubble

From being the best leader, a rising star in the 2022 ISAC, to a really great composer in vocalist, D1 once again proved to us that he is good at everything he does. 

TNX - Burst Up

If you are a huge fan of their debut track, "MOVE," you will love this one too. It's a really fun and swaggy song that will make you feel like you own the world. These rookies going nowhere else but up.  

TXT - Dear Sputnik

Every TXT title track gets the hype it deserves, but so does each of their b-sides. This track produced by maknae, Heuningkai, lacks nothing but pure talent and happiness. 


If this highly captivating group is not on your playlist yet, then it should be. The choreography, the song, and the expressions of each member will make you keep coming back for more.

ONF - Runaway

There's no running away from them or this song. This b-side is so good that it should be a title track instead. Just imagine the fun stage we would get if this was a title track!

SuperM - Infinity

With how good the instrumental is for this song, I would not mind having it on infinity loops. It also should be a movie soundtrack, don't you think?

DAY6 - Rescue Me

One of K-Pop's best pop rock bands never disappoints. They go hard with the rock in this track, and it is an absolute banger. 

EVERGLOW - Untouchable

While we wait for the group's comeback (whenever that is, but hopefully soon!), you definitely should listen to this fun disco 80s song. 2 years later, and this track is still an untouchable track for how good it is. 

Chung Ha - Chica

This song has a strong message for everyone. It's the ultimate female empowerment bop. Girls, dance to its beat and feel empowered!

NINE.i – Daze Days 

NINE.i should be in your 2023 playlist because this underrated group makes nothing but bops. This is just one of their many outstanding tracks. Also, don't forget to support three of their members in the MNET's show, Boys Planet; Seowon, Winnie, and Jiho

N.Flying - Just One Day

This track is one of K-Rock's underrated gems. It sounds like an opening of a 2000s show, which brings back so many nostalgic moments, making the song even better. This underrated group certainly deserves more recognition for their talents.

(G)I-DLE - Never Stop Me

If you like the badassness they exclude in Nxde and Tomboy, you would really love the strong bad-girl vibe here.

ASTRO - Butterfly

Off of their 5th Mini Album, Dream Part 2, this song is nothing but dreamy and just full of pop and fun at the same time. 

  1. ASTRO
  2. DAY6
  3. DKB
  5. (G)I-DLE
  6. Kim Chung Ha
  7. N.Flying
  8. NINE.i
  9. ONF
  10. P1Harmony
  11. Pentagon
  12. SuperM
  14. TNX
  15. TXT
  16. Hueningkai
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Violetta12314,287 pts Wednesday, February 15, 2023 2
Wednesday, February 15, 2023

I'm going to stick with something recent and 4th gen. Lunatic by Xdinary Heroes is a fantastic b side and way, way superior to Hair Cut which was the title track.

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eldershawol1,220 pts Wednesday, February 15, 2023 0
Wednesday, February 15, 2023

one of my favorite b-sides of all time is "thunder" by exo. i think it was on their overdose mini album which came out in 2014? so newer kpop fans might not know it. such a unique instrumental and the vocal layering at the end is really cool!

some other good older ones i've always liked:

shinee - romantic

super junior - man in love

monsta x - underwater (this is probably the newest of all of these lol)

wonder girls - baby don't play

snsd - telepathy

rainbow - mach

f(x) - signal
infinite - hysterie

epik high - the future (check it out if you like k-hiphop)

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