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Lee Jung Jae describes his busy 2023 schedule + when he'll start filming 'Squid Game 2'


Actor Lee Jung Jae, who is currently in London, the United Kingdom on the set of Disney's 'Star Wars: The Acolyte', sent his greetings over to his Korean fans in a recent interview with Ilgan Sports.

The star, who began filming for 'Star Wars: The Acolyte' at the end of September last year, will be spending a busy year packed with one project after another in 2023. 

First, on his first project with Disney, Lee Jung Jae said, "I was told not to talk about it as much as possible. It seems that filming will run until March or April. I actually felt that in some ways, filming sets in Korea are actually more efficient. There are many aspects of the work which are similar here and in Korea, but I feel that there are areas where the Korean method is more efficient. Of course, there are aspects I am learning from as well."

Next, Lee Jung Jae dished on another project he is set to work on soon, a spin-off series titled 'Ray' centered around his own character in the 2021 film 'Deliver Us From Evil'. The actor revealed, "I've had quite a few Zoom meetings with the scenario writers in Korea. There is a consensus that 'Ray' will have a slightly less serious tone, and a more bright, colorful tone. That is the direction we are going in. Right now, I'm not interested in participating in the project as more than an actor. Being a producer and an actor for the same project is not an easy task. I don't think I'll be working on a project where I'm directly involved solely as a producer quite yet. Taking on the role of a producer means that you shoulder much more responsibility. Plus, I can't quite picture anything where I'm not the actor yet." 

Now, onto the big question of when will filming for 'Squid Game 2' begin? And will Lee Byung Hun play a lead role in season 2? Lee Jung Jae answered, "It's probably safe to assume that. As we all saw at the end of season 1, the main plot of season 2 will be revenge, and the key figure who controlled the workings of the games in season 1 was Lee Byung Hun sunbae, so it seems that the two of us will be the central figures of this next story. This is the first time that I'll be working with Lee Byung Hun sunbae, actually. Well, we worked on a drama called 'White Nights 3.98' back in the day, but we didn't have any scenes together. Anyways, 'Squid Game 2' will begin filming in the summer and the filming will likely last for about 10 months. We were working on season 1 for about 10 months as well, but that was with delays caused by COVID-19. But seeing as season 2 will be bigger in scale, it will probably take longer to complete." 

Finally, Lee Jung Jae spilled the beans on his surprise meeting with BTS's V. According to Lee Jung Jae, "I ran into him at a private gathering. He was so personable. We exchanged contact information. He let me hear a song he was working on, he said it was about half finished. He was charming, both in appearance and in personality. I understood why he was so loved worldwide."

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Simona-Gheorghe0 pt Thursday, February 23, 2023 2
Thursday, February 23, 2023

Lotus Poland Keno 20/70 i 20/80 sunt dou dintre cele mai populare jocuri de loterie din Polonia. Dac suntei n cutarea unei modaliti de a aduga ceva emoie n viaa dumneavoastr, aceasta ar putea fi o opiune excelent.

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amsterdam-korean698 pts Tuesday, February 14, 2023 0
Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Please also watch Lee Jung Jae's film HUNT, which he also directed! This is a f-ing amazing brutal action movie 😁

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