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Lee Jin Hyuk and five additional UP10TION members to leave TOP Media


Lee Jin Hyuk
, along with five additional members of UP10TION, will be leaving TOP Media.

On February 28 KST, TOP Media announced, "Lee Jin Hyuk's exclusive contract with us will end on March 11. We discussed carefully with Lee Jin Hyuk over a long period of time.

On the same day, Lee Jin Hyuk also posted on Instagram in a now unavailable post, "I am afraid and nervous to be ending my time with a company I have shared the joys and sorrows with for 13 years since I was in the second year of middle school. My source of strength was the fans who gave love without cost and the members of TOP Media who went in a good direction together. I will do my best so that you can continue to love me.

In addition, TOP Media said, "After debuting in September 2015, UP10TION members Kuhn, Kogyeol, Bitto, Sunyoul, and Gyujin, who have been with us, mutually agreed to terminate their contracts upon expiration of their exclusive contracts. However, due to all the members' deep affection for UP10TION, the group will maintain the current 7 members, and if they work as UP10TION in the future, we will support UP10TION's activities."

They concluded by saying, “We would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members who have grown together for a long time. I will cheer for you to be a good artist in the future."

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24 days ago

I was not prepared for the news I got while at work...so many people tagging me "did you hear" so I run to check...my heart is shattered. I don't claim to be their biggest or their best fan...but words cannot describe the emptyness i feel. This group took me out of a dark place. they were my life, my heart, my whole world. Everything from their music to who they are as people. I am happy they are out of Top Media, and even more ECSTATIC they are family and will do things together. But my heart aches for Wooseok, Jinhoo, Xiao and Hwanhee....I hope they all go independent together or to a new company. Top Media did them dirty. My love for Up10tion cannot be replaced. No group can surpass them and no group will ever be to me what Up10tion was. Until the day they all stop making music, I will not give up on them. Thank you for all you do, did, have done, and will keep doing. I love you all.

I am so disappointed in Top Media, how they treated and handled Up10tion for over 7 years. When every artist you ever managed leaves you...you need to look at yourself and wonder wtf you did wrong. I hope MCND gets better treatment.

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gemcnd289 pts 24 days ago 0
24 days ago

this was sad.

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