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Posted by optimusnins Friday, February 17, 2023

K-pop songs featuring elements of Tigers and Wolves


For whatever reason, if you want a whole playlist of K-Pop songs that are of Tiger and Wolves, you're lucky that K-Pop has a bunch of them, and here are some of them, listed for your convenience!

EXO - Wolf

Would this not be the first song that pops into your head when talking about K-Pop wolf songs? This is such a classic. 


The howling in the intro and the growl really draw you in. It keeps getting better.

Golden Child - A Woo

As you can tell from the title, Golden Child howls in this very wolf-sounding Japanese track of theirs.

ONEUS - Mr. Wolf

This song is mainly referring to the kids' game that goes "What time is it, Mr. Wolf?" but instead of Lunch Time, they said it's Dinner Time, and the song even has a sound of a growling wolf, followed by a screaming woman. 

EPEX - Lone Wolf

Something about these wolf songs that have them growling makes you wanna growl with them too, and it's so addictive. This is one of them! 

Stray Kids - Wolfgang

One of Kingdom's best performances, this was simply legendary, and again, this song will make you growl so hard with them. Who do we need to talk to for them to perform this song on tour? Please?

Hoshi - Tiger

If there's one idol that perfectly represents a tiger, it is the one and only Hoshi from Seventeen. His trademark of HORANGHAE is known even outside of the Carat fandom.

Hoshi - Horangi Power

Hoshi did not have only one, but TWO songs about tigers, and of course, as he should! 

Taemin - Tiger

From his Japanese album, this intense track represents the energy of a tiger.

DKZ - Uh Heung

Can you just trust me and add this to your playlist? It's an absolutely fantastic song. They drew many new fans and listeners in after their performance of this song at the MAMA 2022 awards.

SuperM - Tiger Inside

A comment on their music video said, "Taeyong's growl is more stable than my grades," and that could not be more true. This is such a sexy but fun song; it's so addictive! 

Pentagon - Mr. Wolf

Is it just me, or are the wolf and tiger songs mostly on the Japanese tracks? Similar to ONEUS' this song also referenced the kids' game "what's the time, Mr. Wolf?" 

The Boyz - Reveal

This was an era for them. An era of perfection. From the lyrics to the music video and even the choreography, it is all about a boy who grew to become a wolf, and it is just too beautiful.

Kim Wooseok - Red Moon

This absolutely beautiful man who embodies confidence and sensuality makes me wish that he would "come and take me now." 

HyunA - Wolf

If you didn't know of this amazing track by our queen HyunA, then you are welcome. 

Colde - Wolf

If you like chilled, K-R&B type of songs, Colde certainly needs to go into your playlist. Start with this one, and go down a whole spiral with all of his amazing songs. 

Woosung - Wolf

How can Woosung make an intro song so sexy and very... wolf-like. Oh wait, it's because he is THE WOOSUNG. He can make anything into a masterpiece so easily. It must be nice to be talented, huh?

Ravi - 범

Don't you just love it when traditional meets modernization? Granted, when they do it well, and in this case, a masterpiece was created. The lyrics mentioned a lot of Tigers.

TRCNG - Wolf Baby

Aside from the dark and horror concepts, these boys will kill you with their visuals and just how good this song is. 

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  1. Colde
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  4. EXO
  5. Golden Child
  6. ONEUS
  7. Pentagon
  8. Hoshi
  9. Taemin
  10. Stray Kids
  11. SuperM
  12. The Boyz
  13. Woosung
  14. TRCNG
  15. TRENDZ
  16. Ravi
  17. Kim Woo Seok
  18. HyunA
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FlowerBubbles8,361 pts Friday, February 17, 2023 0
Friday, February 17, 2023

Some of these I’ve listened to and really enjoyed! Will have to check out the rest. Lots of good songs on this list

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Friday, February 17, 2023
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