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Song Hye Kyo says if given the chance to be born again she would not want to be Song Hye Kyo


Song Hye Kyo sat down with ELLE Korea and had a Q&A session with the questions asked by her fans.

At the beginning of the Q&A, Song Hye Kyo revealed that this was the first time that she was answering questions asked by fans and expressed her excitement.

She answered various questions and revealed a lot about herself. Song Hye Kyo shared the way she relieves stress. The actress explained, "All my friends have puppies, so we all go to a puppy cottage, have a glass of wine and talk, listen to music, and enjoy nature. I relieve my stress like that." She added, "As I've gotten older, I don't like loud places. I like talking in one place the most."

One fan asked, "Do you want to be born as Song Hye Kyo if you're reborn?" and Song Hye Kyo immediately responded, "No!" Song Hye Kyo went on to explain, "I've lived as Song Hye Kyo once so I want to be born as someone different."

In the interview, she also played a simple game of 'Would you rather' and shared that she prefers to hang out with 'a friend who is 2 hours late or a friend who is 2 hours early,' and she chose the 'friend who is 2 hours early.' Song Hye Kyo explained, "The one who's late, I understand if they have a certain reason, but there are people who are late habitually. If they come late 2 to 3 times without a reason, I don't meet them."

Lastly, Song Hye Kyo revealed her MBTI personality type but was a bit hesitant at first. She shared, "My MBTI is...If I tell you, you're going to look it up and I think you might think of this MBTI every time you see me. But I'm INFJ."

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I really don’t like this title. It implies she is somehow unhappy with her life and herself which is not the case. Not cool AKP not even as a clickbait. She is so sophisticated don’t belittle her.

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She exudes elegance and beauty, i love her

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