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Iconic K-pop moments from 2022


The K-pop industry has seen tremendous growth in the past year, 2022, with fan bases expanding daily and a plethora of amazing releases, comebacks, and debuts. It was an incredible year for K-pop lovers, with some truly iconic moments that will be remembered for years to come! Check out some of the iconic K-pop moments that took place this past year!

The return of BIGBANG

    Dubbed “the Kings of K-pop,” BIGBANG finally returned to the music industry after four years of hiatus. This was their first comeback as a quartet. In 2018, with the release of "FLOWER ROAD," BIGBANG made a promise to their fans to return when the flowers bloom. They released their digital single "STILL LIFE" on April 4, and as they had promised, they returned to VIPs. Both fans and non-fans were tuned in for the long-awaited return of the kings. "STILL LIFE" ended up being the only boy group song to achieve a Perfect All-Kill in 2022. This comeback is one of the most iconic events to take place this year.

    Coachella 2022


      2022's Coachella was so iconic for various factors. Coachella 2022 gave us the reunion of the legendary K-pop girl group 2NE1. Although the group's leader, CL, was invited to the festival, the fans were surprised when the entire group came out on stage and performed "I AM THE BEST." This was the first time in six years that 2NE1 appeared as a full group since their disbandment in 2016. Later, it was reported that even the media and their agencies were reportedly kept in the dark about this. To give the fans this priceless surprise, the members planned and prepared everything in secret.

      Another iconic moment at the same festival - SM Entertainment’s youngest girl group, aespa, performed on the main stage of Coachella on April 23, 2022, just 18 months after their debut. Additionally, this was also the group's first live concert performance in the United States. Aespa made history as they became the third K-pop girl group to perform at the festival after BLACKPINK and 2NE1 and the first group of the fourth generation to do so.

      BLACKPINK’s Comeback

        The return of BLACKPINK to the music scene is another monumental K-pop event for the year 2022. The comeback of the world’s biggest girl group was highly anticipated. In September, BLACKPINK released "BORN PINK," their second full-length album, which featured the single "SHUT DOWN" as the lead track. Since the girls were making a reappearance after an almost two-year hiatus, fans were over the moon. On August 19, they released the music video for their pre-release single "PINK VENOM." The music video became the most-viewed K-pop video of 2022.

        Iconic Second-Generation Girl groups making comebacks

          2022 is the year of the second Generation’s K-pop fans. Many veteran K-pop groups reunited and returned to the music scene this year. Following 2NE1’s iconic reunion at Coachella, K-pop fans were blessed with the comebacks of Girls' Generation and KARA along with SISTAR's reunion.

          Girls' Generation

          Girls' Generation, the legendary second-generation K-pop girl group, made a full group comeback as part of their fifteenth-anniversary reunion, ending their five-year hiatus. The comeback had the audience ecstatic. In August 2022, they released their seventh Korean-language studio album, “FOREVER 1.” During the same month, they also performed at the SM Town Live 2022 concert.


          Another well-known girl group from the second generation, KARA, also returned to the industry as a full group in 2022, ending their seven-year hiatus. On the occasion of their fifteenth anniversary, the members of the group reunited and dropped their anniversary special mini album “MOVE AGAIN” on November 29. For the first time in a very long time, they gave a full group performance on stage at the MAMA Awards in 2022.


          Starship Entertainment’s disbanded girl group from the second generation, SISTAR, made a reunion in 2022. In support of Hyolyn's then-comeback, all four SISTAR members came together on July 22, 2022, and performed their numerous hit songs on the final episode of the live music program "You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook." This was the first time fans had seen them on stage together since their disbandment in 2017.

          PSY’s comeback

          After taking a five-year break from the music scene, K-pop legend PSY is back. He released his full-length album “PSY 9TH” in April. Suga, a rapper from BTS, was a featured artist on the album's lead single, "THAT THAT." PSY’s return and this collaboration of two popular K-pop figures is regarded as one of the most memorable K-pop 2022 K-pop moments.

          BTS’s solo debuts

            In mid-2022, Hybe released a statement saying that the BTS members would make their solo debuts starting with J-hope and that the oldest member, Jin, with the latter being enlisted in the military by the end of this year. Fans were amazed as the members got their solos after nine years of their debut. Jin is now enlisted in the military, and J-hope, Jin, and RM have made their solo debuts. Fans are waiting for the maknae line to release their solos.

            These were some of the most iconic K-pop moments of 2022; what moment was your favorite?

            1. aespa
            2. Big Bang
            3. BLACKPINK
            4. BTS
            5. Girls' Generation
            6. KARA
            7. Psy
            8. SISTAR
            9. 2NE1
            10. RENOWNED KPOP EVENTS
            11. ICONIC
            12. COACHELLA
            13. COMEBACKS
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            Hands down comeback of Big Bang/Girls Generation, and 2NE1/Epik High performing at Coachella.

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            Yessss I agree especially with BIGBANG comeback! Hoping for a 2023 one

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