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GWSN wins first trial in lawsuit against The Wave Music as mistreatment of members are revealed


Girl group GWSN has won their first trial in a lawsuit against The Wave Music.

According to media outlets, GWSN has filed a lawsuit again their new label due to several unsuitable working and living conditions. In addition to past claims of the label being a paper company, the lawsuit newly revealed that the members had to face eviction back in February of 2022, as the company failed to pay rent for their dormitory.

Furthermore, two non-Korean members from Japan and Taiwan had to pay a fine due to the company's neglect of proper visa work.

The lack of invoices was also an issue, as expenses for food and training lessons were not properly recorded. The payment for the artists as well as the staff members was also undocumented, while all employees had to empty their offices and practice rooms in July of 2022.

In February of 2022, fans had trended #SAVEgwsn demanding better treatment for the group as their music producer Swin Lee also previously claimed that he wasn't paid for his work on 'The Other Side of the Moon'. As of now, the members are still in a legal battle to officially terminate their contracts.

Stay tuned for future updates.

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11 days ago

My friends article about this has been waiting 2 hours to be posted but an allkpop 'journalist' get's their version posted right away? BS man. also lets ignore the fact that Miya and SoSo now have criminal records because of the agency's failure seems like something that should have been mentioned.

The wave music was such a shitty company and shouldn't have picked the girls up if they weren't gonna support them until the end.

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11 days ago

Those are horrible conditions. Imagine having to face eviction from your own dorm as an idol. And again, here we are with the companies not paying their people. Unfortunately, we are probably in for more of these kinds of stories, you'd think other companies would learn from seeing these companies' mistakes, but they simply just don't get it.

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