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'Oversaturation of girl groups?' Netizens debate why each ITZY comeback is doing worse


Netizens are debating why each ITZY comeback is doing worse.

On an online community forum, a netizen wondered why ITZY's career seems to be going rather downhill than uphill. Although they recently broke their personal record in physical album sales, their overall popularity among domestic listeners seems to have waned since "LOCO," netizens say.

The original poster wrote:

"DALLA DALLA, WANNABE, and LOCO all did well but this time, Cheshire was a bit disappointing.

I heard their physical albums are doing better than their Sneakers promotions

Their talents aren't bad either

But they have completely failed in digital streaming

They don't even receive that many end-of-year daesang awards

Why is this happening?"

This highly up-voted post was followed by a comment from a netizen who wrote:

"There is an oversaturation of girl groups, so [ITZY's] position has become a little vague."

Other netizens shared reactions such as:

"They are good at performances but the songs are mediocre. And I don't think that their company is doing a good job at creating issues surrounding ITZY. But creating an issue means noise marketing, so it's probably better for the girls to live without any suffering. Look how Wonyoung gets hate even for eating strawberries. If Wonyoung is an issue then people think that the group is an issue so they automatically want to watch them and think that they are a hot topic. But unless you have an iron mentality to withstand that much hate for silly things, or refuse to go on the Internet, then the members have no choice but to suffer."

"ITZY girls are just all too nice but they don't have much magnetism for attention... Yuna is one of the greatest 4th-generation visuals but this strangely never stirs up an issue..."

"The company doesn't really work on their marketing. I second that 100%. And they don't allow them to pursue individual activities. Each member has great talents in ITZY but ITZY is the only group without any individual activities for their level of experience. Other big-company artists are already acting, MC-ing, going on variety shows, releasing solos, and serving as radio DJs. But ITZY is left to promote only as a group. So it is no wonder that they are losing more than gaining. I hope that the company changes their business style."

"I believe LOCO did better than Sneakers"

What do you think of these arguments?

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Chibibeast912,190 pts Sunday, December 4, 2022 1
Sunday, December 4, 2022

"They are good at performances but the songs are mediocre". I'm quite agree with that. I mean most part of time you don't dislike a group because you don't appreciate the members (they are all nice in front of the camera) or because they dont have talents (they had debuted as idol for something : they work their vocal/rap/dance for years/months so, at least, they are not bad). In fact, it will be more accurate to say : "I don't like the work of their producer/composer" more than "I don't like the group". It's my opinion of course but, for me, I never think about a group while saying "their vocals are horrible, the dance is the worst... " no I just say "I don't stan them because I don't like their songs". Itzy is not an exception in this case. Their discography is not at all my taste but they are really talented.

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ApexApinkPanda Allkill VIP 412 pts Sunday, December 4, 2022 10
Sunday, December 4, 2022
This was a really good comeback with a great title track. They apparently broke all of JYP's records for first week sales so what's the problem. People need to understand "Wins" aren't what keep a group around. Money is what keeps ALL industries turning, especially k-pop. And this is going to sound terrible but it makes sense that as they grow internationally they will wane domestically. Korea being a homogeneous culture will always vary widely from the world. I've been incredibly disappointed in what JYP has been doing with ITZY in Korea until Cheshire. The Japanese releases have been phenomenal, it's the ITZY we know and love! HOPEFULLY Cheshire is a new leaf! But, I'd like them to get back to their roots; Wannabe, Dalla Dalla, ICY, Voltage, Blah Blah.

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