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Lee Hyori says she wouldn't choose to be a celebrity if she were 20 years old again


Lee Hyori says she wouldn't choose to be a celebrity if she could turn back time. 

On the third episode of tvN's 'Canada Check-In' aired on December 31st, Lee Hyori candidly shared how she feels about her life as a top star. While they were camping out, her friend asked Lee Hyori if she'd be a celebrity if she were 20 years old again, going back in time. Lee Hyori then answered without hesitation that she wouldn't choose to be a celebrity. 

She said, "I just want to get married and have kids, forming my own family. And raise my kids, living an ordinary life. I felt more like that after seeing how family-centered people here are. They give off somewhat calm vibes that they aren't easily swayed by others, keeping their energy within their families. But it's hard to stay grounded when you're a celebrity. For me, that's the hardest part. People criticizing and pointing fingers at me. Just the thought of it makes my heart race. I know I have to control myself."  

Meanwhile, 'Canada Check-In' airs every Saturday at 10:40 PM KST.

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alextiara109 pts Sunday, January 1, 2023 0
Sunday, January 1, 2023

What you saying is understandable and I don't think some of the people in the comments understand it's not about money in the first place.

being a celebrity is hard be a celebrity in Asia's ten times harder. You are literally criticized for everything that you do the amount of times that this woman has been almost canceled or have had hate comments sent to her because of being confident in the way that she looks or the music that she came out with or by saying a joke or something. The threats that her husband would get sometimes the way people would talk crap about how she married her husband because he didn't live up to the expectations of what they think her partner should look like exedra.

not to mention just look at the way that some of the fourth generation idols are treated there are like three female idols I could think of off the top of my head that are under the age of 21 that are constantly getting hated on or called pick me because the way that they act happen to be very cute see and feminine and people don't like that they think they're acting or catering towards people even though some people are just naturally cute and some people just naturally act very feminine there's nothing wrong with that.

the amount of people who sit there and over sexualize some of these barely 20 idols. Not to mention if you ever heard of coming of age ceremony which is a really popular song for a lot of younger idols to seeing when they come of age that's on almost ruined that singers reputation and her whole freaking career because again it's the way people perceive you and see you.

the amount of idols from second and third gen who have talked about the mental health issues the eating disorders etc that they've gotten from being so young being in their teens and in their early twenties and debuting in these companies that really don't care. Then having to basically just shoulder that all by themselves because the companies are doing anything to help so it's actually very understandable when celebrities sit there regardless of how popular they were or had gotten or not and talk about how if they could do it again they wouldn't become a celebrity.

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Great_Turtle792 pts Saturday, December 31, 2022 2
Saturday, December 31, 2022

Well she can say that from a position of being a celebrity but i believe she`s been happily married for nearly 10yrs....if she wasn't one i kinda doubt she would have married Lee Sang-Soon as its unlikely they would have never met..

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