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In light of KARA's recent group comeback, what are the possibilities of other groups like Miss A reuniting?

What are the possibilities of 2nd generation groups like Miss A reuniting for a comeback?

On December 4 KST, one netizen took to an online community forum to create a post titled, "There's really no news about Miss A's reunion". Here, the netizen further wrote, "That's too bad TT." Upon the netizen's post, others flocked to the comments to further discuss the possibilities of Miss A reuniting for a special comeback. In light of KARA's recent special comeback for their 15th debut anniversary, there seems to be a lot of publicinterest in possible comebacks from now-disbanded 2nd generation idol groups. 

Netizens commented:

"I think Miss A....has a higher chance of not gathering anytime soon..."

"How can they reunite, with their team atmosphere being like that?"

"I feel like they will never reunite."

"That group will probably never [reunite]."

"I think Girls' Generation was not a reunion because they never officially disbanded."

"Didn't all the Chinese members leave for China though?"

"They definitely can't."

"To be honest, all the groups that are reuniting all regularly met up and maintained their relationship even during the time they weren't active. The fact that the groups with a lot of years into their career reunited means their relationship is really good and that they have people supporting thier [reunion]."

"Their group definitely can't...won't...and if I were Suzy I definitely would not want to [reunite]."

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For 2nd Gen some personal speculation but not following most of these groups closely anymore, so chip in in case you do :)

High Possibility:

Sistar: Especially that their group-work has (as far as I know) been more successful then their individual activities, and they have had mini-reunions before showing that members at least are interested in pursuing music on top of their individual schedules?

2ne1: high likelihood given that the members have a lot of heart for the group, all do music still or would be open to do music still, and have good relations with one another.

Rainbow: but would they be successful? Their reunion a couple of years ago did not do much for the group.

T-ara: as 4 or as 6, why not?


Wonder Girls: members seem still close, all are (somewhat) interested in pursuing music

Girls Day: members seem still close but individual activities might be a barrier

Brown Eyed Girls: only once Gain's controversies are forgotten.

Possible but difficult:
4minute: the group would need to mend their relationships with Hyuna first. If this can be achieved then high likelihood of a reunion.

After School: group members are doing different things, many don't want to be active as idols anymore, and then there are rumors of issues between several members.

Dal Shabet: would there be interest from the public to support this?

Low chances:

Miss A: member discontent, half the group not promoting in Korea anymore, i t

f(x): might be too painful? Plus all members seem to be doing their own thing but not sure.

Secret: member discontent, plus members seem to be doing their own non-idol activities without showing interest to return to the idol life.

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As much as I love MissA, you probably have a higher chance of catching on fire while being eaten by a shark.

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