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Where are the 'MIXNINE' debut lineup members now?


'MIXNINE' was a reality survival show which was broadcasted on JTBC. Idols from several South Korean agencies competed in the competition to make the final nine lineup. The contestants were personally picked by the judges and on the final episode of the show, the last nine boys won against the final nine girls and were set to debut as idols. But the debut couldn’t take place due to contract disputes between YG Entertainment and other agencies.

As it is now approaching five years since the show, we wonder what the lineup members are up to these days? Check out the whereabouts of the nine members below.

Woo Jin Young

    Woo Jin Young is a singer and rapper under Happy Face Entertainment, now known as Dreamcatcher Company. He joined MIXNINE as a trainee from his agency and finished first in the show's final lineup. He is a member of the boy group D1CE and made his solo debut in 2021. In 2022 he was busy with his solo work. He released his digital single “Unbelievable” in April and his second solo mini album “Delicious” in July.

    Kim Hyojin

      Kim Hyojin is a vocalist and songwriter of the K-Pop boy group ONF. He is the leader of the ON Team. He participated in MIXNINE as a representative of WM Entertainment. He was in the debut lineup and was the second-ranked contestant. On December 28, 2021, Hyojin was enlisted in mandatory military service in South Korea. He is currently serving as an active-duty soldier.

      Lee Rubin

        Lee Rubin, popularly known as Rubin, was ranked third in the final lineup of MIXNINE. He appeared on the show as a Liveworks Company representative. Along with being a singer, he is also a tattoo artist. He was a former member and leader of the boy group 1TEAM. After the disbandment of the group, he is now a tattoo artist. He created an Instagram account relating to it.

        Kim Byeong Kwan

          Kim Byeong Kwan is a rapper and singer of the boy group A.C.E. He competed in MIXNINE as a Beat Interactive representative and finished fourth overall. In early 2022 he joined mandatory military service in South Korea and enlisted in KATUSA. KATUSA stands for Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army. He is the second K-Pop idol to join the esteemed branch.

          Choi Hyunsuk

            Choi Hyunsuk was one of YG Entertainment’s representatives in MIXNINE. He came in fifth place in the survival competition. Currently, he is a rapper and one of the leaders of the fourth-generation boy group from YG known as TREASURE. Known for his stage presence, Hyunsuk also contributed to writing lyrics, composing, and producing songs for TREASURE. Hold It In, Best Friend Forever, VolKno, etc., are some of his works.

            Song Hangyeom

              Song Hangyeom is a South Korean singer who is a member of the boy group OMEGA X. He was a former member and leader of the boy group Seven O’clock. He ranked sixth in the final of MIXNINE. It was disclosed that he is receiving treatment for anxiety and panic disorder at his recent press conference alongside other OMEGA X members. The group members recently made headlines after suffering from physical, sexual, and verbal assault. They filed lawsuits against the former CEO and their company.

              Kim Minseok

                Kim Minseok, better known as Laun, was a former member of the boy group ONF. He was a representative of WM Entertainment in MIXNINE. He ranked seventh on the show and was in the debut lineup. He left ONF and the agency in 2019 due to personal reasons and educational schedules. He posts pictures on his Instagram account from time to time and is currently not active in the entertainment industry.

                Lee Donghun

                  Lee Donghun is a South Korean singer and member of the group A.C.E. He is the main vocalist of the boy group. He was a representative of Beat Interactive in the survival reality show MIXNINE. He achieved a ranking of eighth place on the show and managed to be in the debut lineup. In 2021 he enlisted in mandatory military service. Currently, he is serving as a social service worker due to health reasons.

                  Lee Byoung Gon

                    Lee Byoung Gon, popularly known as BX, is a rapper and singer of the boy band CIX. He was one of the three YG Entertainment representatives and was the last member to be in the debut lineup. He left YG Entertainment and joined C9 Entertainment. He is the leader of CIX. Currently, he, along with his fellow bandmates, are busy in the middle of their world tour.

                    These are all about the current activities of the members of MIXNINE's debut lineup. Each member is succeeding in their particular sector. Who from the lineup was your favorite?

                    1. A.C.E
                    2. CIX
                    3. D1CE
                    4. OMEGA X
                    5. ONF
                    6. TREASURE
                    7. 1Team
                    8. MIXNINE
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                    4 days ago

                    we could've witness Choi Hyunsuk and BX debut together 3 times and it all went down bc of YG

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                    4 days ago

                    TREASURE Choi Hyunsuk 💜💜💜

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